Ep 50: How To Use Oracle Cards With Your Spirit Guides

Dec 7, 2022Podcast

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How To Use Oracle Cards With Your Spirit Guides

Since I released my Messenger of Spirit Oracle Cards one of the biggest questions I’ve gotten from my students is “How do I use the cards with my Spirit Guides?” Today, I’m going to be giving you my best tips on how to use your cards with the help of your Guides.

Choose A Deck

When choosing a deck make sure you feel drawn to it. The deck should call to you. But just remember, even though you may feel a strong connection with a deck today, as you grow and evolve you may not feel connected to that same deck in the future and that’s ok. Just be sure you are using cards you do feel aligned with whenever you do pulls or readings. If you just pick up a random deck, it’s probably not going to work for you.

Make A Connection With Your Oracle Deck

Once you’ve purchased your deck, nurture your connection to those cards. One way is to take each individual card and hold it to your heart and ask if there is a message for you from that card right now. Sharing your energy with the energy of the cards is vital to creating the connection.

Call In Your Spirit Guides & Ask Your Question

Once you feel a connection with your deck, call in your Spirit Guide team. Ask the Guides to give you the messages you need at this time through the cards. Then ask them to simply give you the messages you need in this moment or you can get more specific with a question. I tend to ask about certain topics. For example “What do I need to know about my business?”, then shuffle and pull some cards, get the meanings and return them to the deck. Before you shuffle, set your intention and ask the question pertaining to that pull.

Choose A Method For Shuffling the Cards

There are several methods of shuffling and all of them work equally well. Many decks will have preferred shuffling methods listed in the book. However, to me, the most important aspect is the method you choose feels right to you and comes naturally. Listen as I share several methods including my favorite. You just need to use the method you intuitively feel is best.

Pulling An Oracle Card

Again, there are numerous methods to pull cards from the deck and all of them work. Do what feels the most natural to you to choose the card you want to pull. Many times, as you shuffle, certain cards will seem to fly out of the deck, so they literally pull themselves. Listen as I share exactly how to do the “drop method” which tends to be my method of choice.

What Do The Cards Mean?

Once you’ve pulled the card, turn the face of the card up to reveal it. Clear your mind and ask your Guides what message is there for you. See where you are drawn. Are you drawn to the color of the card, the number on the card, a symbol or image on the card? Focus on wherever you feel drawn and ask your Guides what is the message. This is where developing your intuition is really important so that you can trust what you receive. At first, it may be helpful to write down the messages so you can look back at the answers later to gain clarity and validation.

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If you pull the same card over and over it is because that is the message you need at this time – Whitney McNeill

When you look at the card ask your Spirit Guides what is the message here I need to understand and see where you are drawn – Whitney McNeill

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