Ep 58: Numerology: How To Read The Energy of Numbers with Meaghan Alton

Feb 1, 2023Podcast

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How To Read The Energy of Numbers

Our topic today is Numerology with guest expert Meaghan Alton, a Master Numerologist and Intuitive Strategist. She is an economist turned numerologist with a passion for helping others with their intuitive gifts… and being supported in sustainable business as well. Meaghan’s unique approach to teaching Numerology activates her students to feel the energy of numbers and use the energy for alchemy to transform challenges into opportunities and potential.

What Is Numerology?

For Meaghan, numerology is using the language of numbers to interpret energy. There is so much more available to understanding numbers than we’ve ever been taught. Her eyes were opened to the possibilities of this modality from her first numerology reading. It was then she found out that the one characteristic about herself that she thought was her problem was actually her superpower. This instilled her passion to understand what our numbers say about who we are. Meaghan also shares how her career choice to become an economist actually fed into her purpose of numerology.

Personal & Yearly Numerological Cycles

Energy runs in polarities and bandwidths. You can experience any point in that spectrum depending on where you are in your life and the current challenges (as well as other influences like agreements, soul contracts, etc.) We also move through patterns/cycles in our lifetime that will both challenge us and be triggered in our shadow, as well as provide opportunities to step into our gifts. It is through the challenges these cycles bring that lessons are learned, growth occurs, and we become more potent in our truth.

Life Path, Ruling Numbers, & Alchemy of Numerology

Meaghan shares how to calculate your life path and ruling numbers that reflect who you are at your core. It can represent what is important to you and how you process life. She goes on to discuss the 2 different modalities of numerology that she uses and layers in her specific practice.

The Energy of 2023

2023 is a universal 7 energy. Meaghan compares and contrasts the energy of this 7 year as it relates to the 6 energy of 2022 that we just exited. 2023 is destined to be full of change and creating the new versus the resistance we felt from the previous year. Listen as Meaghan and Whitney pull some oracle cards for 2023 and discuss the numerology behind the numbers on the cards to share messages for the year ahead.

Numerology creates magnetism and a potency of life force energy that can make you undeniable inwardly and outwardly. Start now reclaiming the energy that is your birthright. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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Numerology is using the language of numbers to interpret energy. – Meaghan Alton

If you’re moving in the dark and there is no path to follow, all you have is your ability to interpret energy – Meaghan Alton

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