Ep 44: How To Use Astrology In Your Business with Leslie Tagorda

Oct 26, 2022Podcast

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How To Use Astrology In Your Business

Today we talk to Leslie Tagorda, The Savvy Luminary, about astrology in entrepreneurship. Leslie is a mulit-racial brand astrologer, author, podcast host, and creator of the AstroBrand Method. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs and change-makers become the luminary leaders they were born to be. Listen as Leslie explains how she uncovered her purpose when a crisis in her business led her to her natal chart, and her signature astrological method revealed itself.

How does AstroBrand Differ From Regular Astrology

Each of our planetary placements represent different parts of our businesses. Communication, Values, Attraction, Leadership, etc. There exists a branding framework right within our natal charts. Leslie shares that once she had that “a-ha” moment the Universe started to open more synchronistic opportunities for her to grow that business. This is exactly what I teach. When we work with our Guides and tell them what we want, they start to open doors. The more we say yes to those opportunities, they show us the next door and the next and so on.

The Big Three

In astrology, the big three are our two luminaries (sun & moon) and our rising sign. Our sun sign is based on our birth date. The moon sign is determined by the day and time of your birth, as the moon can change signs in the middle of a day. Finally your rising sign is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time and place you were born. These 3 pillars are the foundation of our natal chart. We want to align our business to our native date as our businesses are extensions of our own soul.

Finding Your Ideal Client

How you take initiative, lead, and present yourself. Therefore our ideal client will be the archetype of the sign opposite our rising sign. Leslie explains how this looks for my Leo rising placement. When we pivot and step fully into how our rising sign instructs us to handle ourselves in our business, we magnetically attract our ideal clients.

Mercury & Communication

Mercury rules communication. The process of Mercury is to express, perceive and understand. Mercury on its own is just the messenger to our soul’s consciousness. In the signs where Mercury is very strong (Gemini & Virgo) we find effective communicators. Conversely, Mercury in its determinants (like Pisces) find people who communicate differently. They communicate creatively (through spirit, art, music, dreams). When we understand this we can develop marketing that best communicates what our business has to offer..

A Common Misconception About Astrology

Leslie discusses seeing clients who created a perception of their chart based on previous astrologers telling them about aspects of their placements where things may be challenging or difficult. She shares that she doesn’t subscribe to this narrative because they then become oblivious to all the many gifts that also exist in their chart. We have the power to reframe and use a different language around these archetypal energies and turn them into useful tools. Mercury Retrograde and Saturn Return are two prime examples.

Being Spiritual & Ambitious with Astrology

Listen as Leslie explains that coming out of the “Spiritual closet” and authentically talking about astrology (as we explained earlier), her ideal clients got very curious about her. By her taking the lead, she felt she essentially gave others permission to utilize astrology in their businesses as well.

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n astrology, we want to align our business to our native date (birth date) as our businesses are extensions of our own soul – Leslie Tagorda

When we harness our spiritual tools, our Spirit Guides put the strategies we need in front of us – Leslie Tagorda

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