Ep 62: How To Understand Clairvoyant Messages From Spirit

Mar 1, 2023Podcast

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How To Understand Clairvoyant Messages From Spirit

Today we are talking about how to understand clairvoyant messages. We’ll take an overview of what clairvoyant messages are and how they are received, but keep in mind intuition of any type is a skill. It takes consistent practice to hone your ability to receive and understand your messages.

What Are Clairvoyant Messages?  (1:00)

Clairvoyance is the language of seeing Spirit and intuitive messages. Seeing Spirit can be scary if you’re not expecting it or if you haven’t been taught techniques to control it. Listen as I share some of my earliest experiences seeing Spirit and how it affected me. This is why taking a class or being in a group of likeminded people, and even having a mentor to guide you is so important when you first start opening and developing this sense.

Developing A Consistent Relationship With Your Spirit Guides (3:00)

Your Spirit Guide team is your first “line of defense” to ensure only the right Spirits are getting access to you. You can actually go through your Guides to get messages from other Spirits (like loved ones who have crossed over). You don’t have to give access to yourself to any Spirit wanting to communicate. Listen in to hear how to develop consistency with your Spirit Guides!

The Power of Spirit Symbols (Clairvoyant Symbols) (4:30)

As you cultivate the relationship with your Guides they can develop symbols for a message that you need to get repeatedly. Through consistency you can create an entire dictionary of symbols and meaning with your Guides. Find out about how to understand Spirit Symbols in this episode.

What A Symbol Can Be (8:15)

A symbol can be anything Spirit wants to use to convey a message. Colors are very common.

Apparitions (13:00)

Yes, seeing apparitions is another way clairvoyance can show up, although this is much more rare. 

Putting It All Together (13:45)

To develop your clairvoyance further you need to create a practice that you do consistently each day. I’ll help you put it all together!

If you’d like to dive deeper into how to further develop your clairvoyance, I’d love for you to enroll in 4 Intuitive Languages® and work with me and the community of other students on the same journey. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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A lot of people “want” to see Spirit. And then they see Spirit and are scared and run away. – Whitney McNeill

When you are working on your clairvoyance sometimes you are just taken on a visual journey. – Whitney McNeill

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