Ep 92 – How to Understand Clairaudient Messages

Aug 30, 2023Podcast, Uncategorized

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How to Understand Clairaudient Messages

Have you been woken up because you heard your name called, but no one was there. Have you heard your phone ring but no call was coming in. Or maybe, you think a question and an answer just pops in and you hear it in your mind. It was so fast and subtle you wonder if it was really your Guides or if it was you making up. Well that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about today. The intuitive language of clairaudience.

What Is Clairaudience (1:35)

Technically speaking, clairaudience is the ability to receive messages from Spirit through the sense of hearing (as in something able to be heard is audible). But it’s not only hearing sounds or words physically with no explanation of what made the noise. Let me take you a little deeper into exactly how this language can present itself.

Symptoms You Are Clairaudient (2:55)

Someone who identifies as clairaudient will be receiving information through the vibration of sound. The source that created that vibration can vary from person to person and message to message. Here we will run down many things you may be experiencing as a clairaudient.

The 2 Chakras to Clear to Receive Clairaudient Messages (10:04)

There are several things we can do energetically to ensure we have the most clear channels through which clairaudient messages can be received. One of these is to clear any stagnant energy out of the two chakras that govern your clairaudient abilities. Let’s talk about which ones they are and what we can do to help our messages flow freely.

What Clairaudient Messages Sound Like (12:30)

I hope you’re not disappointed, but there really isn’t something extremely different about how this communication sounds. But there are some important nuances that will help you tell the difference between your thoughts, audible physical sound, and a clairaudient intuitive message. Listen as I share some real life stories of clairaudient experiences.

How to Understand Clairaudient Messages (17:59)

Here I will share the little known importance of having messages said out loud, by yourself or another. Sometimes the physical vibration of a message can help or clarify the meaning of your message. I’ll even give you some exercises to help you grow your clairaudient abilities and share the 4 most important things you need to be doing to grow your intuition.

Listen to your Spirit Guides and practice hearing the guidance they have for you. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Clairaudience is the most rare as the primary intuitive language. – Whitney McNeill

Clear your mind. Everyone needs to work on this in order to receive intuitive messages . – Whitney McNeill

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