Ep 77: How To Turn Empath Overwhelm Into Balance

May 17, 2023Podcast

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How To Turn Empath Overwhelm Into Balance

Empaths tend to feel drained, overwhelmed, or burned the ___ out! In this episode we’ll be talking about how empaths can turn overwhelm into balance.

Two Triggers That Drain Empath Energy (2:00)

Typically the energy of the empath is drained by either a particularly needy person or they demand too much from themselves. Today let’s dive more into that second scenario of doing too much.

Reorganizing Your Tasks Based On Energy (4:16)

Some tasks require more energy than others. Listen as I explain how to use the old 80/20 rule to bring your energy more into balance.

How To Structure Your Day To Avoid Empath Overwhelm (5:44)

Have you tried prioritizing tasks by energy? Let’s talk about how that is possible and why it can help with the overwhelm being highly-sensitive can trigger.

One Concept To Help You Thrive As An Empath (6:44)

This concept sounds so simple but can be difficult to embrace. Although it may go against your empathic nature, it can absolutely help you create more balance between your physical and emotional energies

How NOT To Reject A Million Dollar Idea (12:58)

Most of us, and especially intuitives, don’t put enough value on resting. We feel we are being lazy when we are not “doing”, especially doing for others. However, rest is what recharges your energy reserves.  It also allows you to slow down and open up to receive all things of value (ideas, financial abundance, love ,etc).

How To Prioritize Your Day By Your Empath Energy (13:23)

Here I will share with you the #1 way to get Spirit’s help to achieve balance in your daily routine. You must still do your part in paying attention to your energy and heed the guidance it is already providing, and I share how to do that easily.

Rest, Rejuvenate, & Balance your energy to be your best self. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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The more I rest, the more I receive – Whitney McNeill

Think of your energy as water, if there’s no container (boundaries) then your energy will flow to the next place it can fill.- Whitney McNeill

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