Ep 28: How To Trust Your Spirit Guides

Jul 6, 2022Podcast

How To Trust Your Spirit Guides

We get so excited to connect to our intuition and learn more about our Spirit Guides, but when it comes time to get the message we can freak out a little. We know our Guides help us in aligning to our life purpose for more abundance and joy. They do so many amazing things for us so why is it that we can have such fear around actually receiving a message from Spirit? Here are a few things you can do to make sure your messages come in a way that is just right.

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Take Baby Steps With Your Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides will only give you what you are ready for. So that makes it imperative we have clear honest communication with them. Let them know exactly what you want as well as what you feel you are ready for. Then you can always ask them to take you there slowly and with one small step at a time so as not to overwhelm.

Support Is Necessary In Staying Aligned With Your Guides

It is difficult to feel Aligned to yourself and your purpose when you feel like you’re alone. Like you don’t have anyone that gets you or understands your interests. We always have the support of Spirit but as souls living an earthly existence we need support on the earth plane as well. Here I’ll discuss several easy ways to find that like-minded community to give you support when you don’t feel in total alignment.

Ask Your Spirit Guides To Reroute The Message

You can also ask your Guides to reroute the message. If you have hesitation at seeing Spirit then maybe you ask your Guides to turn up your sensitivity to the intuitive languages of hearing or feeling. If you are very sensitive to feeling, sometimes the energy of Spirit being near can be too much. In that case you might ask them to reroute it through seeing or knowing. Either of these techniques gives back a sense of control in how the messages will be received and alleviates the aspect of fear.

Talk To Your Spirit Guides Daily

By setting aside time each day to spend with your Spirit Guides you create consistency and build a rapport with them. The more time you spend in their presence the more familiar you become with them and they with you. You learn what their energy feels like. You are better able to identify when they are around you or are communicating with you. The more familiar something becomes the less hesitation we have about going forward. There is no longer the sense of the unknown that can hold us back. Invite them in to help you.

Ask Your Spirit Guides For Validation

If you are still having trouble knowing what you are sensing, seeing, hearing or knowing is actually your Guides, it is ok to ask for validation. Validation builds trust. This is especially true in new relationships. As you become more familiar with the energetic imprint of your Guides, if you receive a message that you just aren’t sure you are interpreting correctly you can ask them to validate.  Ask for something specific to show you it was an intuitive thought and not just your imagination. Validation may be a certain animal or number pattern. Or you may even get validation through a conversation you have with a friend later that day. Another method of validation is to write the messages down. This brings them into the physical reality and provides you an opportunity to go back and read them. Typically when we re-read we see how the messages have played out and that many of them were accurate.

Work Through Inner Trust Issues

If you have trouble trusting in general (yourself or others) then you may need to find help from a qualified resource to assess the underlying reasons you find trust difficult. But sometimes the lack of trust comes from getting messages that you follow through on but still feel like they didn’t work out. When in reality, the message was accurate and it did work out, just not in the way that your ego assumed it would. Listen as I share a story of how I recently had to really trust that my intuition was leading me in the right direction.

An Exercise To Improve Trust

Lastly, I will share with you my own personal exercise I use to improve the trust you have in your Guides and the messages they provide..
I hope you enjoyed these tips to help you trust your Spirit Guides.

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Write the messages your Spirit Guides give you down. When you write the message down, it becomes real. – Whitney McNeill

ME: It didn’t work out. SPIRIT GUIDE: It DID work out. You just can’t see it yet.– Whitney McNeill

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