Ep 116:  How to Talk With Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Dec 13, 2023Podcast

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How to Talk With Your Loved Ones in Spirit

During the Holidays our loved ones in Spirit do come around more often. Especially as we go places and share stories that remind us of them. Let’s look at just some of the ways your loved ones will use to communicate with you from the other side.

Common Signs From Your Loved Ones in Spirit (2:35)

The way your Loved Ones will communicate from the other side will be very different from how they communicated on the earth plane. So it is up to us to learn how to tune in to these new types of messages.

The Best Times for Your Loved Ones in Spirit to Visit (4:54)

Any time is the best time for Loved Ones to visit. However, I have seen the probability of a visit increase during times of more intense emotion or experience on our part. It seems this intensity may “thin the veil” even more, if you will.

What Blocks Communication with Loved Ones in Spirit (6:48)

Blocks to communicate with Loved Ones in Spirit are actually very different from the blocks we have to our own intuition. Actually some of the blocks may be on Spirit’s side. I’ll explain exactly what your Loved One may be experiencing on the other side that might block their communication with you for a period of time.

What If Our Loved Ones Reincarnate? (9:06)

This is not exactly a yes or no answer. Any soul can choose to reincarnate at any time. But we have to remember, time as we know it doesn’t really exist on the other side. Usually the likelihood of our Loved Ones reincarnating in our lifetime is rare. But let’s look at some of the patterns in reincarnation choices I’ve seen over the years as a Medium.

Why Do Some Loved Ones in Spirit Give More Detailed Messages? (12:18)

The answer to this question might be a little unexpected. I’ll explain how memories are transferred at the time of passing from the physical world into Spirit and what our Loved Ones may choose to take with them into the afterlife. That will help explain how we can get different levels of detail in readings from different family members.

How To Talk With Your Loved Ones in Spirit (16:06)

There really is no special recipe or method for how you should communicate with your Loved Ones on the other side. They are still your Loved Ones so just talk to them. The more you evoke memories, places, or emotions that you shared with them the easier it is for you to receive their messages when they are near.

Remember your Loved Ones in Spirit are still around, you just have to learn a new way to listen. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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You can still talk to your Loved Ones in Spirit. You just have to change the way you listen. – Whitney McNeill

One of the best ways to honor your Loved One is to talk to them out loud while doing something that reminds you of them. – Whitney McNeill

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