Ep 41:  5 Ways To Talk To Your Spirit Guides

Oct 5, 2022Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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5 Ways To Talk To Your Spirit Guides

Have you ever wondered how to actually talk to your Spirit Guides? We tend to primarily focus on listening and receiving their messages, but rarely do we consider the how of that communication from our end. Just as in every other relationship you have in your life, open two-way communication is key to a healthy and prosperous relationship with your Guides. Although there are numerous ways, here are my top 5 ways to talk to your Spirit Guides.

By Using Spiritual Tools

Pendulums, oracle cards, tarot, rune stones, etc. are examples of tools you can use to talk to your Spirit Guides. Although we can communicate directly with our Guides through our intuition, tools can be a great starting point. They can also be useful for validating messages. Sometimes as human beings we may not be at a point vibrationally where we feel absolutely sure of the messages we receive and any of these tools can give us one more layer of validation that what we sense is actually from Spirit.

Literally Speak Out Loud To Your Guides

Communication is a two way street. There is the sharing of information as well as the receiving of information. When we communicate with family and friends, we typically share our information with them through spoken word and we can work with our Guides the exact same way. By speaking out loud you are actually manifesting your thoughts into existence. Also, this is a great way to organize your own thoughts. We’ve all had the experience of gaining clarity on something just by vocalizing it to someone else who is willing to listen.

Through Your Inner Reading Voice

Sometimes it is just not feasible to be able to speak out loud to people who, to the rest of human existence, appear to not be there. Maybe you live with other people and don’t have privacy. Maybe those around you don’t know about the spiritual, intuitive side of you yet. Regardless of the reason it may just be necessary to communicate with your Guides in a silent way. Your Guides are ethical and don’t “eavesdrop” on your thoughts and feelings. You have to give them permission and set the intention that what you are thinking is for communication with your Guides. You need to tell them what you want them to know.

Intuitive & Automatic Writing

This is another amazing way to manifest your thoughts into physical reality, by putting pen to paper (so to speak). Listen as I share how I used writing to get the help I wanted to advance my mediumship abilities. Whatever you are writing down, invite your Guides to read it as well as provide access to your thoughts (inner reading voice). It can also be helpful to write down any messages you receive back from them. Even if you don’t understand it in the moment, it may turn out to be great validation when you go back to read it later. In the full episode I also give you a high level look at automatic writing; what it is and how it can be used.

Through Dreams

You can also use your dreams as a way to communicate. Before you go to sleep, set the intention and ask your Guides to come to you in your dreams or take you on an astral visit to help you get answers or guidance on a certain topic. This can be any situation in which you feel you need extra guidance. You don’t have to remember the dream or astral visit for it to be beneficial. I’d say about 88% of the time we don’t remember. Regardless, we still retain the information or guidance we may have received.

No matter the method you use to communicate with your Guides, I hope you continue with the highest intention and consistency. If you do, your Guides will hear and provide you the messages you need. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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We can not assume our Guides know everything we need. Communication is key. – Whitney McNeill

I feel like it gives your communication more power to speak it out loud. You are literally manifesting it. – Whitney McNeill

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