Ep 123: How To Stay Aligned in 2024

Jan 31, 2024Podcast

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How To Stay Aligned in 2024

Does it feel like a new year to you yet? If not, it could be because your energy is not in alignment with what you really want to do. It’s so easy to fall out of alignment but it’s also really easy to get back in as soon as you realize. In this episode we dissect what alignment is and give you tools to get in and stay in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

What An Alignment Cycle Is (1:52)

Growing spiritually is not an easy process. Obviously growing and evolving includes a lot of change and change is never comfortable. Whitney explains what things in your life can be a cycle with beginning and end. With every change you move into a new cycle or phase of life that you want to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

7 Phases of an Alignment Cycle (2:57)

Whitney walks you through the 7 phases you’ll experience as you bring yourself into alignment in any area of your life. Listen as she gives examples of what these phases can look and feel like in your life.

Where Most Healers and Intuitives Get Stuck (5:34)

We see Healers and Intuitives typically get stuck in the phases that feel closest to their purpose. They may have fear (conscious or subconscious) that if they move on they level that part that does fill and alignment not realized that is exactly what they need to do to grow their gift to the next level.

5 Tools To Stay Aligned in 2024 (7:38)

Whitney shares the 5 ways we can prioritize the things we are doing in everyday life to keep ourselves in alignment and continue to grow.

Why Overgiving Derails Your Alignment (16:11)

Overgiving depletes your own reserves of energy. If your energy is not complete and healthy how can you ever bring it into alignment. Whitney shares some real world examples where she has seen this happen over and over.

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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When you are raising your vibration and growing spiritually it doesn’t always feel good. – Whitney McNeill

Depending on what you’re wanting to change in your life there are certain steps you can take to shift into the next phase. – Whitney McNeill

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