Ep 119: How to Set Intentions With Your Spirit Guides

Jan 3, 2024Podcast

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How To Set Your Intentions With Your Spirit Guides

Happy New Year 2024. The new year can be the beginning of a new cycle if you so choose. Maybe, for you, January 1 brings you brand new energy. If so, let’s take another look at how best to set your intentions and communicate them effectively to your Spirit Guides as we move into this new cycle.

Get Clear On Your Dreams & Desires (4:28)

We need to take time to get crystal clear on those heart-centered callings. What do you feel called to do in this life? Connect into your heart energy and feel gratitude and ask your energy when it feels most guided. This is what you communicate to your Spirit Guides. They won’t know until you tell them and they can’t help until you ask.

To What Are You Willing To Commit To (10:03)

Now it is decision time. What actions are you willing to commit to for this dream to become reality? Committing to manageable action steps will let your Guides know you are willing to make the effort to fulfill those intentions.

Learn From Your Past (11:38)

Reflect for a minute on some past goals you set but at some point got off track. Take the learning from that and ask your Guides for help to overcome those obstacles in this new cycle.

Opportunities Arise (13:53)

Now the door is wide open for your Guides to create opportunities for you that are in alignment with your intentions. Situations to drive you closer to the goal you set for yourself and abiding by the actions you’re committed to take. The catch is, now you have to say yes to them to move forward.

Growing Toward the Goal (17:18)

Changes challenge our comfort zone. Taking advantage of the situations put before you will probably be scary. There will be personal growth on the way to fulfilling your intentions. Listen to your Guides and be willing to go where they lead. Hint: the path may not be a straight line and may look nothing like what you expected.

Theme For the New Year (21:02)

Whitney shares the value of setting a theme for the year. By choosing a word or topic that you want to bring more of into your life you signal to your Guides where you’re willing to put your energy.

Wishing you all the success you desire in this new year. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Get clear on what you feel called to do. – Whitney McNeill

Ask your Spirit Guides to create opportunities to move you past any obstacles – Whitney McNeill

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