Ep 30: How To Remove Fear and Embrace the Unknown

Jul 20, 2022Podcast

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How To Remove Fear and Embrace the Unknown

Let’s get real! Are you afraid of the unknown? If you answer yes, just know you’re not alone. It’s a common issue. Many of my students admit they are afraid of Spirit or of making big changes in their life before they start developing their intuition. And that fear stems from a lack of trust in what your intuition is telling you. In this episode I’ll give you some tips to make those big changes in your life and/or business while keeping the fear at bay.

Embracing The Unknown Is An Issue Of Control

Obviously we fear the unknown because it’s unknown. We don’t know what’s around the corner and we can’t totally control the outcome. There is comfort in the known even if it doesn’t necessarily feel aligned. It’s similar with intuition. When you start to work with your Guides you can decide when to talk to them and what questions to ask, but you can’t control the message they will give you. And sometimes we just don’t want to hear the answer if it’s not what we think we want. It is important to get clear with what the core issue is that is bringing up the fear. Listen as I give you an easy visualization exercise to help turn fear into excitement when approaching a situation where the outcome is out of your control.

Perspective Is Key In Removing Fear

As individuals we can have a positive outlook or a negative outlook on anything. Every experience ends up teaching us something when we make decisions from our intuition. The truth is we can choose the perspective we want to take in any situation. Do you want to look at the positive portions of the situation or dwell on the negative. Only focusing on the negative aspects leads us further into that fear mindset. I’ll share a story about how my husband overcame tough circumstances in his childhood that could have easily created blocks for him by taking control of the perspective in which he chooses to now view those circumstances.

Action Reduces The Resistance Caused By Fear

By taking action we decrease the power of the resistance we feel. As the resistance comes down the fear has nothing to feed from. We all carry perceived fears that may or may not be well founded. But oftentimes, we equate something being ‘hard’ or requiring a lot of effort on our part as being something to fear. Then we let the resistance take hold and end up not moving forward.

Easy Techniques To Shift Out Of Fear To Embrace The Unknown

Listen as I share 3 quick and easy unique visualization exercises that can help you shift your mindset out of fear mode and release the resistance so you can immediately move forward with projects or just in your own self development.
Even when we feel like the things that we are working toward aren’t working out the way they are supposed to, sometimes we just have to let the things that aren’t in alignment with where we are going fall away first. Then we are free to step into the version of ourself that is in alignment with those new goals and aspirations.

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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When things are changing in your external environment it’s a clear indication that your manifesting is working. – Whitney McNeill

Every experience in our life ends up teaching us something, as long as we are making decisions from our intuition. – Whitney McNeill

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