Ep 132: How To Reinvent Your Life With Your Shadow-Malena Crawford

Apr 3, 2024Podcast

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How To Reinvent Your Life With Your Shadow

A lot of energy sensitive people right now are feeling the need to cocoon and go into hermit mode. We all come to points in our spiritual journey where it’s time for a change we just may not know what it is yet. Moving through those shadow aspects of ourselves is what we need to do to step out into the light again. Today we have Malena Crawford, a reinvention coach, with us, to share her expertise on how to take those first steps out of your shadow.

What Reinvention Is (2:00)

Reinvention can look different for everyone. It can be from completely broken down to a chronic feeling of “stuckness”. Unfortunately the need to reinvent comes from times of crisis. We will reinvent ourselves hundreds of times in our life as we grow and evolve.

Steps To Reinvent Your Life (3:24)

Reclaiming your life is a decision. Taking the opportunity to look at our shadow selves and learn how to embrace and integrate it. It’s all about getting to know who you are and probably more importantly, who you’re not.

How To Know It’s Time To Reinvent Your Life (8:29)

You know it’s time when you begin looking at the places and situations in your life that aren’t working. These are the areas that will give you the signals , and continue to give you signals. It’s when we don’t heed these nudges that they tend to get louder and demand our attention.

Simple Steps To Move Through Your Shadow (11:30)

Probably, the most important thing is to get all those thoughts and feelings out of your body in some way. That may look like asking yourself tough questions. Malena shares some great examples of how this can be a good opportunity.

How To Connect With Your Joy Again (16:10)

Being in tune and in balance with your whole self. Body, Mind, & Heart. Malena shares exactly what it looked like for her. Your Joy will always be in your past, you just need to find it again.

We hope your reinvention comes with as much ease and grace as possible. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious



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