How To Recognize Spirit Signs

Sep 3, 2020Conversations with Spirit

How to Recognize Spirit Signs

Have you been asking for signs and feel like you’re not receiving them? Here are some tips so you know how to recognize spirit signs.

1) Relax Into Your Intuition

When you feel like your mind is on a hamster wheel, my first piece of advice is to take a deep breath and relax. It sounds simple, but being relaxed and aligned will help you know how to recognize spirit signs. Check in with your body: how do you feel? How does your energy feel – out of whack or more aligned?

2) Clear Your Mind To Receive Intuitive Messages from Your Spirit Guides

When you are receiving signs, it’s exactly that – a state of receiving. If you are go-go-go all the time and not taking time to relax and receive, you won’t be able to receive your Spirit signs. You can’t effectively receive if you are thinking too much. Your mind is in action, and in order to receive, we need a void. One of the first things we cover in Intuition Abundance Academy are different techniques to clear your mind, relax, and receive. Clearing your mind is important in understanding how to recognize Spirit signs.

3) Unplugging is important to reset your energy

Our environment is one of constant stimulation. Who has trouble putting down their phone?! I know I have to make a concentrated effort to unplug! When we’re in that robotic mode, we end up not being able to relax. One of the ways I like to get out of that zone is to get up and dance, shake my body, do some breath work – just get my brain out of that pattern of thinking.  

4) Be open and increase awareness of your Spirit Guides

Bring awareness to how to recognize Spirit signs. They are more than just  tangible signs from Spirit. Spirit signs can definitely be coins, butterflies, dragonflies or number patterns, but I’d love for you to bring more awareness to the things in the ether. Sit back in your seat, ask your Spirit Guides for input, and relax. Become aware of the subtleties and responses you receive from your Intuition. Specifically, become aware of how you receive these messages with your main intuitive language. Do you get visions in your mind? Is it an inner knowing, a gut feeling, or audible, like a thought pops in your mind? 

Spirit signs are all around, but they’re not what we think when we’re actively looking for signs. When you connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides, they respond!

5) Accept Divine Order and Divine Timing

I was recently very excited about an interview I was going to do and it got rescheduled at the last minute. At first, I was really disappointed. However, we rescheduled and made it work. The rescheduled interview went really well, and I ended up making some amazing connections through her audience who may not have been available for the live on the date of our first scheduled interview. 

Trust that your Spirit Guides are looking out for you, and co-creating with you for good. Even when things don’t work out, that is a sign in itself. Trust that it is for your highest good. Sit back and feel into the message and what your role is in the next steps. Just because something gets cancelled or is harder than you thought it was, doesn’t mean that it’s not something you shouldn’t follow through on.

6) Address Your Spiritual or Intuitive Blocks

While alignment brings easy opportunities into your life, if you feel resistance in a certain area, it’s often a block in that area. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel like this is heavy?” For example, the answer could be needing to rest. It could be a spiritual or intuitive block. Spirit signs are all around you all the time; tune in and receive!  

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