Ep 104: How To Predict The Future

Oct 11, 2023Podcast

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How To Predict The Future

Discovering how to get messages about the future is a very popular topic. If you’ve ever had a situation you were sure was going in one direction, only to have it play out totally differently, this episode is for you. Let’s dive into how to predict the future.

What is “The Future”? (3:06)

As my mentor would say, “The future is the past that hasn’t happened yet.” alluding to the concept that time is non-linear. The future and past don’t exist in the present. (existential, I know) So let’s investigate the why and how Spirit can give you, directly or in a reading, information about what may be ahead for you.

Why Your Energy Makes a Difference in How Spirit “Predicts” the Future (3:36)

The “prediction” will depend on the emotions and vibrations present in your energy. Listen as I give some real life examples of this effect and why managing your energy is so important when it comes to what possibilities and opportunities will be presented to you as you go forward.

How to Change Your Future Outcome (7:52)

This is where the “we all co-create our reality” truly becomes evident. Your Spirit Guides, intuition and level of vibration are all key to help you move toward the future outcome you desire. Here I’ll show you how those components fit together to do just that.

Why the Future Doesn’t Happen Like You Thought (13:29)

I bet you already know what this is. The answer is so “intuitive” and we’ll discuss why it plays such an important role in bringing you to your life purpose.

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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In order to change the future, you have to change your energy. – Whitney McNeill

We need to take different action if we want to have a different outcome. – Whitney McNeill

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