Ep 72: How To Plan By The Moon With April McMurtry

Apr 12, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How To Plan By The Moon

Today we are talking with April McMurtry, a dynamic Lunar facilitator and course creator who supports people on their path of growth and transformation through the simple, yet profound, practice of self-study in relationship with cycles. She is also the host of the “Between the Moon” podcast.
April is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and has independently published the New Moon Calendar Journal since 2014. This circular calendar and transformational tool has already helped over 5,000 people around the world live with more grounded awareness, embodied connection, and clear intention – especially during times of self-discovery and life transitions.

Consequences of the Solar Calendar (5:20)

April & Whitney discuss the concept that the moon is rest and the sun is action. Most calendars are based on the solar cycle (Gregorian for instance). That keeps us always in a state of moving and doing. Therefore, there is no honor given to the rest cycle. Listen as they go deeper into what a lunar calendar can bring.

3 Ways You Can Use the Lunar Cycle To Improve Your Life (13:50)

April shares her top 3 ways you can integrate the lunar cycle into your life. The discussion is around the importance of getting into the ease of a rhythm. You can also experiment with the cycles of new moon to full moon to find what works best for you.

The Elemental Energy of the Moon (20:57)

The elements are associated with each astrological sign (earth, water, fire, air). For example, by finding where your moon sign lies and the element associated with that placement you can learn a lot about your personality and cycles. April also goes into how to handle when the moon returns into your sign through each cycle.

How to Know Your Venus (34:33)

Each astrological body has a cycle. They are different lengths of time and have different themes. From Earth, Venus also has phases. Listen as April describes the uniqueness of Venus’ 8 year cycle and the themes that come around what we love and what we attract.

Take this opportunity to plan your energy along with the phases of the moon this cycle and see where it may lead. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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The Sun is Action whereas the Moon is Rest – April McMurtry

The Lunar side of ourselves is usually only seen by those closest to us. – April McMurtry

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