Ep 106: How To Overcome Energy Burnout

Oct 18, 2023Podcast

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How To Overcome Energy Burnout

This is part 2 steps for overcoming energy burnout. Yesterday on Emily Aaron’s podcast, Aligned & Unstoppable, in part 1 Emily, Kristin Dwan, and I discussed some common trends right now causing energy burnout. As well as how it affects us personally. In this episode we are going to finish that conversation by giving you steps and tips you can use to overcome burnout.

What Releasing, Cleansing, and Detoxing Your Energy Looks Like (0:35)

Emily and I discuss what phase we each are experiencing right now as we are in the process of replenishing our energy. Each individual can be in a different phase, even as the collective energy affects us as well. Cleansing and detoxing will be specific to the individual but we will share some of the actions we’ve taken to let “stuff” go.

If You Feel Like Nothing Is Working, Do This For More Endurance (4:57)

When we are in burnout we may feel like nothing is working. In those times we need to have tools and tricks we can use to gather our endurance to make it through the situation. Overload is a big contributor. Kristin compares it to watering a garden. If you’re overwhelmed and overcommitted it’s like hundreds of tiny leaks along the hose. By the time the resource gets to the place you’re intending it, its potency has been depleted. She goes on to share the methods she personally uses to “stop the leaks” from depleting her energy and leading to burnout.

How Innovation Is Necessary When You Feel Burned Out. (7:31)

Listen as Emily shares a very cute and relatable analogy for the action you have to take to overcome the burnout. You take personal responsibility and make moves to change the situation that is draining you. She’ll share some real life examples of what leaving behind what’s not working has looked like for her.

What You Need To Feel And Let Your Mind Do To Overcome Burnout (17:59)

Each of us share the one thing that always refreshes and rejuvenates our energy. You may be surprised at the answer. It’s not as complicated as you might think or that it might feel when you are in that burnout space

Do what you need to do to take care of your energy. You are too needed to allow burnout to steal your energy for long. Release, cleanse, and as always to stay Spiritual and Ambitious.



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