Ep 84: How To Open The Throat Chakra

Jul 5, 2023Podcast

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How To Open The Throat Chakra

So many people right now are having throat issues. So today we are talking about the throat chakra and ways to notice the imbalances as well as ways to balance it.

What is the Throat Chakra (3:11)

The energy center at the throat area that governs communication (speaking & hearing). Ask yourself how you are expressing yourself to gauge the current energy of your Throat Chakra. Whitney shares some other areas the Throat Chakra governs as well.

Symptoms of MisAlignment & Why it Gets Blocked (4:53)

Imbalances in that energy area can show up as literal physical symptoms associated with the throat. Whitney goes on to share several emotional symptoms that may occur if the Throat is not in balance. Most often throat chakra issues date back to a certain situation in your past. Listen as Whitney shares one of her personal experiences with the Throat Chakra and how she works to resolve them.

How “Shoulds” Can Affect the Throat (17:01)

We have all experienced someone in our lives whether it be an authority figure or simply someone close to us telling us what they think we “should” do, or “should” say, or how we “should” act. Following along with someone else’s “should” does not allow freedom of expression in authenticity and that energy can get stuck.

Blocked Throat Chakras are Affecting the World & Here’s What We Can Do (18:10)

Whitney discusses the current energetic shift happening in the world where there is more open communication and how that is good and also bad. This creates a passing along energy whether positive or negative. She also shares exactly what you can do in these situations so that the energy doesn’t stay and collect in your communication center, as well as the action NOT to take that wastes your throat chakra energy.

How to Balance Your Throat Chakra (23:18)

Here are 5 foolproof ways to balance and maintain the health of your Throat Chakra energy center. And they may not be what you think. There are both physical and energetic methods that you can use.

Speak your truth through the filter of love to keep your Throat balanced and healthy. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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When you don’t feel free and you feel limited in your choices it can shut the Throat Chakra down even more. – Whitney McNeill

Be authentic to yourself in whatever way energy wants to be expressed out of your body. – Whitney McNeill

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