Ep 57: How To Find Your Signature Style With Lauren Messiah

Jan 25, 2023Podcast

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How To Find Your Signature Style

In this episode we welcome Lauren Messiah. She is a personal stylist and the founder of the Style Boss Academy. Her comprehensive approach to elevating one’s life through style working from the inside out by combining fashion with personal development. She believes your look should support your goals and takes the stress and self doubt out of looking one’s best.

What Is Style?

Lauren shares that by deciding what to put on it was how she was able to express herself and it would invite people in to interact with her. So she claimed style as her superpower. She used her fashion sense to connect with people who might be outside her core group. With that method of fluid self expression it was like being able to shape-shift and become different and have fun with it.

How Is  Spirituality Related?

Spirituality is about every part of who you are internally that translates outwardly into how you interact with the world. Lauren feels that how you visibly present yourself would also reflect that spirituality when they are both in alignment. When you have your spirit and style aligned you get to the point you are so in tune with who you are energetically that you can’t help but to dress in an authentic expression of that energy that people just intrinsically understand who you truly are.

Style Reflects Your Energy

Your physical body can become a great expression of your energy. People respond to visual cues. You get to invite in (or not) certain energies by the way you dress. Listen as Lauren and Whitney give some great and humorous examples of how style reflects or projects energy.

Can Finding Your Style Help You Overcome Not Wanting To Be Seen

Firstly our perception of how we look can be warped by things such as body dysmorphia and even past trauma. But we do a disservice when we allow those superficial things (that may only matter to us) to keep us from sharing our gifts and living our purpose. True self acceptance is being able to have self love in any present moment regardless.

Style And Manifesting

Style is one of the easiest ways to embody the future version of yourself you want to manifest. By dressing and acting how you envision that future version invites in the energy and frequency of that life. Colors have frequencies. Higher quality fabrics give more pleasant sensations on the body and can elevate your mood. These are all ways to think about and incorporate style into your manifesting.

Style And Spirituality

Lauren shares the inspiring story of how her journey as a celebrity stylist became unfulfilling which led her to private clients. She realized it wasn’t just the clothes but the entire process that added to the client’s confidence. As Lauren continued to work on herself to better serve her clients, they actually became interested in her spiritual practice as well. So the marriage of the two just naturally evolved to teach people how to use intuition versus impulse when it comes to style.

When our energy, intuition and style are all in alignment we represent the most authentic version of ourselves to the world. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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Self love is full self acceptance and celebration of who you are in that very moment – Lauren Messiah

Style is one of the easiest ways to embody the future version of yourself you want to manifest – Lauren Messiah

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