Ep 43:  How To Make Space For Magic with Patty Lennon

Oct 19, 2022Podcast

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How To Make Space For Magic

Being Spiritual & Ambitious, I bet you’ve found yourself before caught up in the constant wheel of doing, doing, doing. Sometimes we forget how to get back to that place of being able to receive and find our way back to alignment. If your to-do list is a mile long and maybe you’re even starting to shut down due to overwhelm, I invite you to Make Space For Magic. My friend and guest this week, Patty Lennon, is going to share the 5 steps to create more space in your life. Listen as she shares her journey from a career in corporate banking, to opening her intuition, to marrying science and metaphysics to develop her 5 tenets to stay on your path.

Receive The Outerworld

Most simply stated this means to absolutely receive. When someone gives us help, a gift, or a compliment, receive it gratefully. As well as when our feelings get hurt or something isn’t going the way we intended we need to let that in the same way. When we force ourselves to suppress the more “negative” aspects we end up holding onto that energy. Which then turns into the very thing that can block our manifesting of the “big” things in our lives.

Accept Yourself

There are days where you are not going to be that perfect version of yourself. It is in those times that we need to accept ourselves anyway. Perfection is the version you claim you need to be to attract what you most desire, when it is in fact the opposite. Patty explains how it is letting in all aspects of yourself that gets you to your highest and best life the quickest.

Clear Space To Make Space

When we usually talk about manifesting and receiving we are talking about the more esoteric concepts. But it still remains important to keep our physical spaces clear of the items that spark guilt or make you feel “less than”. Patty shares a recent real world example that seems so simple yet had such a huge impact for her.

Learn Your Intuition

This tenet is where Patty and I overlap in our teaching. Her method identifies the importance of discovering how your intuitive language is unique to you. We have to let go of old beliefs and expectations of how we think our intuitive messages should come in and learn to accept them the way we are designed to receive them; whether we see, hear, feel or know what Spirit needs to communicate.

Do your 100%

This step is about how to surrender. Your 100% is a very physical experience. You will absolutely feel this in your body. Do the steps that you know to do until you are met with too much resistance to proceed. That is your 100% and it gives you permission to stop, hand it over to Spirit, and re-energize. Allow Spirit to show you how to get over the resistance through the intuitive messages they will send.

The Magic Of Being Spiritual & Ambitious

Patty shares her definition of ambition and how she feels that being spiritual and ambitious is the perfect balance of the souls calling with the physical body and world. Listen as she perfectly explains how the two coexist for her and work to make her a better business owner and a better human being.

If you’d like to learn more about manifesting from Patty, join her free 5 day Manifesting For Grown-ups at the link below. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious




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For me Magic is the energy that bridges what we are capable of accomplishing with our own human effort to our bigger desires. – Patty Lennon

Ambition is really embracing what my ego wants without allowing it to be the master – Patty Lennon

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