Ep 126: How To Know The Signs Your Clairvoyance Is Opening

Feb 21, 2024Podcast

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How To Know The Signs Your Clairvoyance Is Opening

There are certain signs that will come up when you start to open your clairvoyance. This episode is all about helping you understand what they are and what they mean.

What Is Clairvoyance? (1:00)

Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy or spirit with either your physical eyes or through your psychic eye.

How The Third Eye Chakra Helps Open Clairvoyance(2:00)

The Third Eye Chakra located roughly in the center of your forehead is the energetic portal of the body where psychic/astral seeing takes place.

Physical Signs Your Clairvoyance Is Opening (3:30)

Sensation in and around the third eye may be a sign you’ll receive. The more you start to use and pay attention to that energetic center the more sensation you may experience. Listen as Whitney explains how developing your psychic vision center may affect your physical sight as well.

How Using Color Through Clairvoyance Can Help You (8:05)

As your clairvoyance strengthens you may find yourself more sensitive to color. Take notice of the colors you are drawn to versus the colors you shy away from. This may be your clairvoyance trying to alert you to some energy imbalance in your body.

Energetic & Spiritual Signs Your Clairvoyance Is Opening (13:11)

Everything is energy so one of the easiest ways for Spirit to get your attention as you develop your clairvoyance is through light energy. Orbs, flashes, blobs of color in photos etc.

Signs Your Clairvoyance Is Opening Before & After You Sleep (15:26)

The state of consciousness right before you fall asleep or right as you are waking up is very conducive to receiving intuitive messages. Whitney gives you some examples of how you may experience clairvoyant messages during these times.

Signs Your Clairvoyance is Opening During Meditation (18:52)

While you are in meditation or in communication with your Spirit Guides, take note if you see visuals that are not what your imagination would make. This may also be a sign your ability to see spirit is coming on line.

It is my hope that you will embrace whatever intuitive language you are naturally inclined to receive. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Lean in to how you are naturally made to receive intuitive messages. – Whitney McNeill

Everyone seems to want clairvoyance but tend to either be afraid of it or second guess it. – Whitney McNeill

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