Ep 128: How To Know The Signs Your Clairsentience Is Opening

Mar 6, 2024Podcast

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How To Know The Signs Your Clairsentience Is Opening

Do you feel like you are more sensitive than the people around you? Maybe you’ve been called a Highly Sensitive Person in the past. If you feel the things happening around you very strongly you might be an Empath. And Clairsentience might be your primary intuitive language. Listen to this full episode to find out.

What Is Clairsentience? (1:49)

In short this language is about receiving your message through feeling and energy. A lot of people call this type of sensitivity “Being an Empath”.

Physical Signs That Your Clairsentience is Opening (3:37)

Take a look at how other people’s energy (emotions) physically affect you. In general you may just feel things more intently, both physically and emotionally. How the things you put into your body (foods, drinks, snacks, etc.) affect you may begin to shift and change. Or you may begin to crave things that you’ve never liked before.

Energetic Signs That Your Clairsentience is Opening (11:55)

Emotions tend to affect you very deeply, whether they are your own or belong to others. Depending on your sensitivity, you may even be able to sense how a person is feeling from across the room or before you even meet them. If you haven’t set clear boundaries between you and the energies of others, you may find you assume their emotions. You can get mad, sad, etc. out of nowhere and not know where those emotions are coming from. They were “absorbed” from some interaction throughout the day.

Why Being An Empath is a Superpower (12:17)

Your special sensitivities make you very good at what you do if it involves the need to read and relate to people. Healers, Coaches, Therapists are all careers empaths can thrive in. Another way clairsentience can be viewed as a superpower is that you can read the “vibes” of a room as soon as you walk in. If you feel a tension or heaviness, then you know there may be a disagreement that just happened so you know to tread lightly for a few minutes until what happens becomes clear.

The Main Life Lesson Empaths Have to Learn (13:59)

Because you are so sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, boundaries become very important. Having boundaries doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep certain people or places completely out of your experience. It just means that you remain aware of how the energies are affecting you so that you can feel what you need to without taking that energy on as your own. This makes energetic releasing and cleansing very important for you.

If any of this sounds like you, I’d love for you to join me in my Masterclass to learn more about managing your empathic sensitivities. Until then, here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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Empaths receive their intuitive messages through feelings and energy. – Whitney McNeill

It’s important to do cleansing and releasing exercises on a regular basis so you are not holding on to other people’s energy. – Whitney McNeill

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