Ep 127: How To Know The Signs Your Clairaudience Is Opening

Feb 28, 2024Podcast

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How To Know The Signs Your Clairaudience Is Opening

Clairaudience. Hearing Spirit. What does that really sound like? Do you hear it internally or externally? We’ll try to answer all those questions and give you some signs to see if yours may be coming online now.

What Is Clairaudience? (0 :40)

Clairaudience is the ability to hear Spirit’s voice. It is actually the rarest of the ways intuition comes and she explains why in this episode.

Physical Signs Your Clairaudience Is Opening (2:54)

The ability to hear spirit comes in through the same Chakra as seeing spirit. Many signs are similar to the ones for clairvoyance and will occur in the same region of the body.

nergetic Signs Your Clairaudience Is Opening (8:22)

Spirit is of a higher vibration so sometimes when they communicate what we receive seems to come in very fast. At times, so fast we don’t understand what it said. This is when it becomes important to work with your Spirit Guides to better align your energy to receive the information more clearly.

The Meaning of Phantom Sounds (11:09)

As your clairaudience comes on line you may experience hearing things, physically hearing things, that aren’t there. Those are called Phantom Sounds. Although they sound like they are from the physical plane you are actually hearing them with your intuitive ear . Whitney describes a few examples of times she and some of her students experienced phantom sounds.

It is my hope that you will embrace whatever intuitive language you are naturally inclined to receive. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Clairaudience is rare as a primary intuitive language. – Whitney McNeill

Talking to yourself can be a symptom of clairaudience. Hearing the vibration of your voice helps you process information. – Whitney McNeill

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