Ep 122: How To Know When It Is Time For A Change

Jan 24, 2024Podcast

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How To Know When It Is Time For A Change

If you can feel in your bones it’s time for a change but you are still questioning it, this episode is for you. Can you make that change? We all go through pivots in every aspect of our lives and the best way to navigate those changes is by connecting to your intuition for guidance.

How to Know When It’s Time For A Change (3:32)

Usually when it’s time to shake things up your intuition will be giving you nudges or signs. We may find it hard to trust those messages for ourselves. Especially if what you’re being led to do goes totally against the direction your logical mind would take.

Intuitive Messages That You Need To Change (3:44)

These messages are going to come in through your primary intuitive language so it may be unique to each person. Listen as Whitney gives you some examples of how she has seen these messages present for each of the intuitive languages.

Symptoms to Look For When It’s Time For A Pivot (5:00)

Symptoms are most likely going to align with your primary intuitive languages. For example if you’re a channeler you may experience physical changes that are pushing you to a certain outcome. Let’s go through some of the examples of how that might show up for you. When your attitude towards something changes noticeably it may be time for a change or pivot and we’ll go through how this could materialize in your experience.

How Do You Know When To Give Up and When To Stay “In It” (9:00)

If some of the symptoms you experience are having a negative impact externally it may be time to not just pivot but change completely. If your health is being affected (mental or physical) it is mostly time to take a real hard look at exactly how you feel and let your intuition help you re-evaluate the best path forward.

How Not To Hit The Spiritual Brick Wall (18:13)

When you have multiple symptoms showing up and you’re seeing repeating patterns resulting from the decision you’re making it is imperative to listen and evaluate at that point. The easiest way to hit the spiritual brick wall, where it’s no longer a choice to change but an unavoidable necessity.

Questions You Should Ask to Evaluate Why Something Isn’t Working (23:42)

Whitney recaps the question each symptom should bring up to help you decide if and/or what might need to change or pivot in your life, relationship, or business.

Needing to change or pivot isn’t a negative sign something is wrong. It may simply be the next right action on your unique journey. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Is this still something that I love? Is this still something I feel called to put my energy into? – Whitney McNeill

The most important thing about navigating a pivot or knowing when to change is working with your Spirit Guides and Intuition. – Whitney McNeill

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