Ep 133: How To Know What Spirit Orbs Mean With Brenda Grasjo

Apr 10, 2024Podcast

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How To Know What Spirit Orbs Mean

On your spiritual journey as people of like vibration come together they collectively raise their vibration. And that’s when some crazy “stuff” can start to happen. This is what happened for me and one of my best friends, Brenda Grasjo. Brenda is a psychic medium and reiki master. In this episode we’ll share all the details on Spirit orbs as well as tell you some of the amazing orb experiences we’ve had together.

What Are Spirit Orbs? (6:00)

Brenda shares some of her experiences with orbs through the years and shares the conclusions she has come to and what she believes they are. It all boils down to orbs are energy.

Magical Stories of Fairy Orbs (7:03)

Listen and Brenda and I share our collective and individual experiences with orb that come to us as fairies.

The Meaning and Messages of Spirit Orbs (18:15)

Orbs are just another manifestation of Spirit communicating with us. Most often if you see an orb whatever you think it means (first thought that occurs) is usually what it means. It can be a call to stop and talk with your Spirit Guides, or it could be a quick wink from Grandma Ruby who stopped by to say hi,

What Questions to Ask When You See an Orb (20:00)

Most often you’ll get a feeling about why you’re seeing the orb. Just lean into that feeling. That’s your intuition. Ask questions based on that feeling. If you feel the orb is just your Guides saying hello, acknowledge them and thank them for visiting. Then just ask if there was any message or just a visit.

Galactic Spirit Orbs in Sedona & UFO’s (20:55)

Whitney and Brenda recount a story of stargazing in the backyard and the lights that appeared to them. Listen to find out what they were doing right before, that they believed called the lights in. Although energy of this nature may be strange and startling at first, but that’s because the experiences are new, not because the energy is necessarily negative.

I hope you can delight in the magic that Spirit orbs can bring into our everyday lives. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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I think orbs can be anything. They are energy. – Brenda Grasjo

Lights aren’t bad. They are just Spirit. Ask how to work with them. – Whitney McNeill

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