Ep 87: How to Know The Difference Between Angels and Spirit Guides

Jul 26, 2023Podcast

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How to Know The Difference Between Angels and Spirit Guides

What are Spirit Guides? What are Angels? Aren’t they the same thing? Actually no, they aren’t and I’m going to break down the key differences in this episode.

The Difference Between Spirit Guides & Angels and Their Purpose (1:32)

A lot of people use the words interchangeably or simply call all Spirit Angels. But there are some pretty significant differences. Spirit is all about energy and vibration and here we explain how vibration comes through for each. I’ll also give you details on the purpose each one has in our earth plane life. Spoiler… it’s not the same.

The Role of the Spirit Guide(3:50)

Even within the role of Spirit Guide there are many different types. Listen to find out the Guides you already have that are individual to you, as well as new Guides you can request to help you in your life. This is what they do. They join us to help us in this existence when we ask.

How Your Spirit Guides and Angels Communicate (6:05)

The way you experience your Spirit Guides and Angels will depend on your Intuitive Language🄬 as well as your vibration. Let’s discuss how Guides will show up for each language; seer, owl, empath, or channeler. I’ll even give some guidance on how you will receive their message.

True Miraculous Stories of Angels (16:12)

There is no shortage of miracles, where Angels show up just at the right time. I’m sharing 2 of my very favorite, that happened directly to my friends and family.

Spirit Messages from your Guides(19:00)

Let me pull a few oracle cards from my deck to give us guidance for the present.

All we need to do is tune in and our Angels and Spirit Guides are right there for us. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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Angels are available to everyone.- Whitney McNeill

Our Spirit Guides better understand the physical world than Angels, since they are a higher vibration. – Whitney McNeill

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