Ep 68: How To Know If You’re In A Twin Flame Relationship

Mar 22, 2023Podcast

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How To Know If You’re In A Twin Flame Relationship

Are you wondering if you’ll ever find your twin flame, or if you even have one? Do we even really know what a twin flame relationship is? Well, luckily Whitney is married to her’s (Chris) and has him as a guest on today’s episode.


What Is A Twin Flame (3:48)

It’s is a relationship where the people are two halves of the same soul. Rather than break away from Source as a complete individual, these two people remain connected in some way and for some specific purpose.

Symptoms of Being in a Twin Flame Relationship (7:13)

Listen as Chris and Whitney explain some of the things they experienced that led them to believe they were in a twin flame relationship and the role their Spirit Guides played in getting them together.

The Challenges of Being with your Twin Flame (13:12)

They share about the crazy synchronicities, as well as the challenges they’ve experienced and the lessons that have come out of the relationship.

Attracting Your Twin Flame (17:13)

When we are in the right vibration to attract our perfect partner, it makes it easier for Spirit to arrange opportunities for you to meet them.

How to know if you’re Ready for a Twin Flame Relationship (19:27)

You will mirror each other in many ways and push each other to continue to grow. Your twin will help you uncover things you still need to work on. A twin flame relationship is a journey so even if you think you are ready make sure you are also prepared for the lessons and challenges ahead.

Let go of control and allow Spirit to bring you the perfect partner. That’s what we did. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious



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There is a speed, intensity, and drive in this type (Twin Flame) of relationship – Chris Plouffe

Be ready to work on yourself if you want to be ready for a Twin Flame Relationship – Chris Plouffe

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