Ep 111: How To Know If You Are In a Spiritual Awakening

Nov 8, 2023Podcast

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How To Know If You Are In a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakenings don’t feel like rainbows and roses when you’re in the middle of it. Often we’ll even feel a little unwell physically and sometimes even mentally. Having a spiritual awakening is a strong sign that it’s time for you to make a change in your life. So let’s get into the what, how and why you’re going through this awakening journey.

What Actually is a Spiritual Awakening? (2:40)

You come to a time in your life that you simply can’t move forward without learning and integrating those existential life questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? A spiritual awakening is when you realize now is the time to look internally for your truth.

How to Know if You’re Going Through An Awakening (6:15)

Knowing will be unique to the individual but it comes from a soul level that change is inevitable. The awakening process will lead you to know who you are at the most authentic level.

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening (6:42)

During an awakening we know something has to change but we may not know what. During this time symptoms can range through the gamut. They can be physical symptoms, emotional issues, or even a spiritual upheaval. Whitney gives you a comprehensive list of what these cna look like in this episode.

How to Avoid Ego When You’re in a Spiritual Awakening (13:28)

Connecting into your intuition and letting it lead you is key to helping you navigate this journey. Being kind and gentle with yourself will help you move through faster. Trying to control the situation only makes the struggle more difficult.
Staying grounded is also essential at this time to help us manage all the new energies.

Practical Steps to Get to the Other Side of Your Awakening Journey (16:50)

Whitney gives us some practical advice on methods we can use to traverse the awakening process in all aspects; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Get clear on your desires that align with your purpose. Your Guides are willing to help if you ask. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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A spiritual awakening can start with a feeling that you want to be who you really are no matter who you’re in front of.- – Whitney McNeill

Your soul is calling to break through the BS and move forward into your authenticity . – Whitney McNeill

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