Ep 38: How To Know If It’s Your Intuition or Your Mind Making It Up

Sep 14, 2022Podcast

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How To Know If It’s Your Intuition or Your Mind Making It Up

When it comes to intuition I know we have all asked ourselves this question at some point, “Did I just make that up?” In this episode we will talk about all the ways you can use to tell the difference and ensure it was a message from your Guides. The first and most important thing is that you start by clearing your mind. Once your mind is clear, then we can break these methods down by each intuitive language®, i.e. the unique way you receive your intuition.

Intuition Through Clairvoyance

If you are a “Seer”, meaning you are able to see Spirit, either physically or in your mind’s eye, then you have the intuitive language® of clairvoyance. Telling the difference can be really tricky for seers since they will get their intuitive messages through the same channel they use for imagination. The main method for seers to tell the difference between Spirit messages and imagination is that they will be able to hold on to an image conjured through imagination. However, messages coming in from their Guides will be subtle or even fleeting glimpses.

Intuition Through Clairaudience

I call people with the intuitive language® of clairaudience owls, because they are able to hear messages from Spirit. Whether you hear the messages as the voice of someone else or in your own inner reading voice, they are still clairaudient messages. When you talk to yourself in your mind, it takes time. It takes time for the idea to coalesce. It takes time to formulate the correct wording to capture the essence of your idea to be able to clearly communicate it to others. When a “thought” is from Spirit it comes in so fast it is hard for your brain to process. Sometimes when you are talking to your Spirit Guides and you want to ask them a question, the answer will pop into your mind before you even finish asking.

Intuition Through Clairsentience

Empaths, or people with clairsentience, feel messages through physical sensation or emotions. So obviously when you are an empath it can be difficult to determine if that feeling actually belongs to you or if it is coming in from Spirit. Aside from clearing the mind, the best tip for Empaths is for them to protect their own energy. Once you’ve cleared out anything not yours do a self check. How are you feeling emotionally? What sensations do you have in your body? This gives you a baseline of what energy is “yours” so you can clearly discern when an intuitive message comes in.

Intuition Through Claircognizance

Channelers, or claircognizants, receive messages directly through their bodies and they just react instinctively. They just know, even if they don’t know how they know. It is the reaction through which the message comes. Sometimes it is a feeling. For example, does the thought of starting a project make you tired and heavy or does it fill you with energy? The reaction can also be writing. Many clarcognizants are proficient at automattic writing. Movement like walking, dancing, cleaning, etc can get stagnant energy moving and allow messages to come through clearly for the channeler.

I look forward to seeing you in my upcoming Intuition Bootcamp where we can dive in a little deeper, but until then… Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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If your mind is completely clear, you are literally creating a superhighway for Spirit to come through. – Whitney McNeill

Spirit is really quick, it comes in really fast. We are heavier. Spirit is lighter. – Whitney McNeill

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