Ep 71: How To Increase Your Intuition And Abundance Through Meditation

Apr 5, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How To Increase Your Intuition And Abundance Through Meditation

In today’s episode I’ll be gifting you a meditation. I love to meditate while I fall asleep at night. All my meditations are channeled from Spirit and Reiki infused, if you so choose to accept that healing. This particular one will be in increasing your intuition and abundance.


Meditation While Sleeping & the Subconscious (1:12)

Many of my students worry they don’t get anything out of guided meditations because they end up falling asleep. However I believe that is the BEST way. I listen to guided meditations myself every night as I’m trying to fall asleep. Whether awake or not, the intention and words of the meditation are getting into the subscious which is exact what we want. Usually, being asleep makes that process much easier than when we’re awake and potentially have other competing thoughts.

Why This Meditation (1:36)

Alignment! When we move into a receptive state we receive our intuitive messages from our Guides. And in that place of receiving we are better positioned to become aware of the opportunities our Guides have designed for us.

Meditation Begins (6:48)

Only listen to this meditation when you are able to fully relax and do not need to focus on any other tasks…

Meditation Ends (23:35)

As the meditation concludes and you come back to the present moment, open your energy to the possibility of what your Guides are creating especially for you.

I invite you to check out my full meditation library at the link below. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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When you listen to meditations while sleeping you are also hearing what you need to hear in your energy and subconscious mind. – Whitney McNeill

Open your energy to the possibilities and the opportunities your Spirit Guides are always creating for you. – Whitney McNeill

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