Ep 76: How To Heal Women’s Generational Trauma With Gurds Hundal

May 10, 2023Podcast

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How To Heal Women’s Generational Trauma

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so, this week, I invited a special guest to talk about how to heal women’s generational trauma. Gurds Hundal is a trauma coach and inner work expert. She helps high achieving sensitive women heal so they can fully trust themselves. Many people are being called to go deeper in healing right now, and this work is desperately needed.

Why Do Women People Please? (5:35)

Because they have to, Gurds says. If you look back generationally to mothers, grands, great-grands, etc they have always taken care of everything. Of the entire family. They made sure everyone else was ok, even to the point of being detrimental to themselves. Slowly through history women’s power has been taken away so for a multitude of generations they have never been shown how to love themselves. Listen as Whitney and Gurds discuss what it looks like to love ourselves and take back our power.

How To Do The Inner Work on Trauma (10:14)

You first must identify the trauma and really look at where that trauma may be rooted in your ancestral lineage. You start to see the patterns. Familial patterns and ancestral patterns of belief systems. Once you release the trauma you become able to give yourself love. Once you truly care about yourself you become able to set healthy boundaries. And finally we reintegrate our inner child so that she finally feels safe so she can flow with you and bring in the freedom and joy.

How to Transform Trauma and Infinitely Trust Yourself (14:34)

When you feel most out of alignment, most simply, ask yourself what you need right now and listen to that wisdom. Your intuition will give you the answer you can trust.

Inner Peace Is The New Rich (22:44)

Society today is focused on the workaholic. Focusing on the money and never focusing on ourselves. Our education system never taught us about balance. We must feel, deal with, and heal our emotions. Without peace you will never find happiness. There is nothing that says you can’t have peace AND money.

When we see being spiritual and ambitious as God’s work then we know we are in alignment and truly living our purpose. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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When women work together we can heal. – Gurds Hundal

The moment you take back your power you are in your element – Gurds Hundal

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