Have More Confidence In Your Spiritual Gifts

Jan 21, 2021Conversations with Spirit

How To Have More Confidence In Your Spiritual Gifts

Most likely we’ve all been in place before where we felt short on confidence and wondering how to have more confidence in your spiritual gifts.  Wherever you are in your intuitive journey or in learning about your unique intuitive gifts, you’ve had questions like these randomly pop up.  “Is this real?”  “Do I really have this ability?”  “Am I making all of this up?”  

Whether you’re interested in mediumship, connecting with your Spirit Guides, connecting to Loved Ones in spirit, or expanding on a healing ability you may have; when we question ourselves there’s usually a trigger behind it.

It might be others saying, “Do you REALLY have this gift?” or an ingrained, learning inside us from the past causing us to doubt our own worthiness.  “Do I really have anything to offer the world?”.

Breaking out of that limiting belief pattern is key to building your confidence.  As my Mediumship mentor used to tell me, “If you don’t have confidence in your abilities, how is anyone else going to have confidence in them?”. 

The more you embody confidence and do the inner-self work to purge those limiting beliefs, the more will exude confidence and more people will be attracted to you that you can, in turn, help.  It’s the Law of Attraction.  The more confidence we emit, the more we attract the things that resonate with its vibration.

Let’s look at some tips on how to have more confidence in your Spiritual Gifts.


If you don’t show the Universe, our Guides, and the world you are serious about using your intuition and your gifts, they will remain in their indirect state.  Some ways to personify your serious intentions might be to:

  • Take a class to go deeper and learn more about a particular gift

  • Find a mentor to help you expand and grow in your unique abilities

  • Put your gift into practice (do readings, hold reiki healing sessions, etc)

By taking that class, starting that business, or charging for that service, you are telling all that is you are SERIOUS about embodying your gifts.


A track record can take many forms, but at its essence it is all about your validation.  Its not to stroke the ego, but to gain perspective on your growth and how your gifts have strengthened over time, therefore, providing you a boost in self-confidence.  Here are some examples:

  • Feedback from past clients (if appropriate) can improve confidence.

  • If you consistently feel GOOD about the readings you give, the messages you receive, the healing sessions you do, or any service you provide, that also creates an internal track record that can boost your confidence in yourself.

  • Keep a journal of the messages you receive from your Guides.  Down the road when you look back most likely you’ll find messages that you didn’t understand at the time, but that now the meaning is totally clear, or the advice/guidance they were providing was right on target.


Embody your gift as a true part of yourself!  Not having confidence in yourself or your abilities will hinder you from living your true life purpose. Inevitably when we start something new it will be uncomfortable and we won’t feel ready for that step. But once you do step out and claim it the confidence will come and build over time.  As you start, say an affirmation to yourself.

I embrace my gifts in confidence”

“I embrace stepping out of my comfort zone and embody my unique gifts”

 “I fully embrace and embody my true self and purpose”

Confidence creates a ripple effect in your life.  When you embody confidence, you show up differently to help the people you are meant to help and you show up differently in your own business and personal lives as well.  Things change for you when you start to embody and claim your authentic self, and you know how to have more confidence in your spiritual gifts.



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