Ep 81: How to Have Clarity And Invite More Magic In Your Life With Patty Lennon

Jun 14, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How to Have Clarity And Invite More Magic In Your Life

In this episode we’ve invited Patty Lennon back to talk about how to achieve clarity in the current collective climate and how to invite more magic into your life. Patty is here to help us break through some of the stuckness and stagnation we may have been feeling over the past 3 years.

Where We Are & Why (1:10)

Patty and Whitney discuss the magnitude of the collective “stuckness” many if not most of us have been feeling lately. First we have to understand how quarantine and the “lessons” that came out of that period affected our brain chemistry. What did we learn during that time that may now be affecting how we think and feel?

Tips to Navigate When You’re Feeling Stuck (9:49)

To begin, Patty explains what is happening energetically right now causing many sensitive people to feel they are not able to move forward. And she goes on to explain several things we can do to help turn off the fear brain and reduce the resistance so messages can come in.

The Importance of Inviting In the Clarity (18:42)

When the Ego is in fear it will create shadow, however your soul is constantly optimistic. It is so optimistic it is calling us now to deal with a lot of limiting patterns from the past we may be holding. It’s like getting clarity but not liking what you’re getting. We need to invite it in and embrace it regardless to be able to move forward.

Why We Need Magic (25:58)

Magic is the energy that bridges us from where we are to where we want to be. Even when we believe our human effort can’t get us there. The magic we need is Divine Life Force. Patty goes on to explain what we need to be doing right now to call that in.

The Role Community Can Play in Clarity, Magic, & Raising Your Vibration (33:10)

Gathering with like-minded people and holding space for each other as we navigate this shift out of fear. Big steps feel less scary when others are doing the same along with you. Being around people of the right vibration can boost our own energy.

It’s time to move into a space of clarity and let the magic flow through. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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The truth is, you’re fabulous! Forgiveness is truly acknowledging how fabulous you are! – Patty Lennon

Your brain can only see what the brain believes it is supposed to see. – Patty Lennon

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