Ep 108: Why Spirit Messages Aren’t Always Clear

Oct 25, 2023Podcast

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Why Spirit Messages Aren’t Always Clear

Don’t you wish sometimes Spirit would just spell it out and tell you what the heck to do? I bet we all have. We’d love to have a play by play, but our messages aren’t always that clear. Here we will talk about some of the reasons why this may be happening.

Clearing Your Mind versus Thinking (2:13)

There is definitely a difference in receiving a message into a mind that’s clear versus a conscious thought. I’ll explain what exactly happens when you’re thinking while trying to receive guidance and not allowing them to come in through a mind that is clear.

Adjusting Your Vibration With Your Guides To Get Clear (3:24)

Working to develop your intuition and sensitivity is critical to receiving clear messages. We do that by raising our vibration so it is easier for our Guides to meet us where we are and communicate. The good news is you have a specific Guide completely dedicated to helping you do that. Listen to find out who that is and how to work with them.

Why Relying on Signs Is Not Always a Good Thing (6:29)

Sometimes solely relying on signs may convince us that we should do a certain thing or make a certain decision. “I got a sign so I have to”, even though you don’t feel inspired to do it. This is a prime example of not following your intuition. The gut feeling was the message not the external validation you were looking for, and eventually misinterpreting. Here I will give you some practical questions to ask your Guides when you have a big decision to help you look more toward your own intuition versus waiting for a sign.

Being Ready When The Answer Comes (9:33)

Are you ready to take action when that crystal clear message comes through? Let me walk you through how we sometimes get in our own way of clarity and how to avoid it. When you have those moments of clarity it’s time to act.

How To Receive Clear Messages Through Your Particular Intuitive Language® (14:44)

Clear messages will look different to different people depending on their primary intuitive language, or the method in which they receive Spirit communication. In this episode I walk you through the languages and discuss what a clear message can look like for each.

Clear guidance from Spirit is possible if we are willing to take the action needed to receive it. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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When you are trusting your intuition, you are ultimately loving yourself, having more confidence in yourself, and trusting yourself. – Whitney McNeill

We make messages unclear. We get in our own way. – Whitney McNeill

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