Ep 94 – How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Sep 6, 2023Podcast

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How To Discover Your Life Purpose

If the past view years have taught us anything it’s that its time to find our purpose. It’s easier for us now to see what is not working for us. But so many still have issues finding what they want to do….their purpose. In this episode I’ll help you learn how to discover your life purpose.

What is Life Purpose (2:20)

In simplest terms it is an energy that exists within us and one we can’t ignore. Ever heard someone say “It’s my calling.”? That energy does call to you. And like anything that is ignored, the call eventually gets louder and louder until it has to be acknowledged. Here I give you examples of how your purpose may present in your life and how it may change through the course of your life. We even get into the difference between life path and life purpose.

How to Discover Your Life Purpose (8:13)

Purpose is not something you “find”. Your purpose is already within you. Your only job is to dig it out to discover what it is. Look back at what you loved as a child. This may be a clue of where to start looking.

Symptoms That You’re Not Living Your Purpose (9:59)

Many times symptoms of not living your purpose are similar to other issues like stress. Over time the misalignment will grow and develop into the heavier reactions like burnout or resentment. It is your job to find and/or create a life path that works with your purpose.

The 7 Life Purpose Archetypes™ (17:15)

For those truly interested in discovering your true purpose I’m going to break down all 7 of the life purpose archetypes. Which one (or two, or three) resonate with you?

My hope is that you discover your unique purpose in this lifetime and chart an amazing path to get you there. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Your purpose does not exist outside of yourself. Your purpose is in your energy. – Whitney McNeill

When we allow ourselves to stop hiding and we stop being afraid of judgment, then we also allow ourselves the joy and freedom to expand. – Whitney McNeill

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