Ep 88: How To Deal With Big Energy Shifts

Aug 2, 2023Podcast

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How To Deal With Big Energy Shifts

Do you know when you are in the middle of an energy shift? Have you felt tired, heavy, or just not quite in your body? These could be signs that you are moving through a big energy shift and we are going to talk about what they mean and how to deal with them in this episode.

What Are Energy Shifts (1:27)

Any type of change will signal an energy shift. The bigger the type of change the bigger the shift. Here is a rundown of many different types of energy shifts you may experience. The ones you are conscious of as well as the ones you are not.

Personal Energy Shift vs Comic & World Energy Shifts (3:58)

Yes, that’s right. The whole planet goes through energy shifts as well. And these would be on top of any personal changes you may have going on. We’ll talk about how astrology, the collective and even how our Spirit Guides can affect and shift our energy.

Symptoms You Are Going Through A Shift (7:54)

How do you know when you are coming up on a big energy change? Whitney will walk through lots of ways you can identify when big changes are happening. Surprisingly they are not all just physical or energetic.

Ways To Deal With Energy Shifts (11:40)

Whitney gives us practical physical, emotional and energetic methods we can use to deal with all of the energy shifts we experience, both big and small. Taking care of yourself in these times of big transition is important. That is building the foundation for all the great things that come once the shift is completed and integrated.

We all have energy shifting in our lives constantly. I hope you’ve found some practical understanding and tools to navigate them with ease and grace. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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If you want to hold big energy, you need to strengthen your container.- Whitney McNeill

We are recognizing the things we can no longer tolerate because our vibration has changed. – Whitney McNeill

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