Ep 47: How To Create Your Oracle Card Deck (& Publish It) with Anna Frolik

Nov 16, 2022Podcast

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How To Create Your Oracle Card Deck (& Publish It)

Have you ever thought about creating your own oracle card deck? I did. I had the idea for years and wanted to create an intuitive tool for my clients. But not knowing about design & publishing prevented me from making them a reality…. Until now! In this episode we talk with Anna Frolick who helped me make my deck a reality. Anna is an author and founder of Wonderland Publishing. After merging her creative and intuitive gifts she designed her own oracle deck and now helps other aspiring creators do the same.

Important Considerations When Creating an Oracle Deck

Firstly, it’s important to find a printer early in the process to ensure you have someone that can execute your vision. Having the correct templates to begin the creative process will make for a much smoother production. Also consider your strengths and what you feel comfortable doing on your own versus where you need help and support. If you don’t have any experience in distribution (for instance), then make sure you work with someone well versed in that area.

The Process of Creating a Deck

According to Anna, a clear vision is the most important aspect of beginning to create a deck and, as she said, identifying the printer who can execute it to its fullest potential. Next is finding someone aligned with your vision to work on the creative (if that is not something you intend to handle). Having artists who understand your aesthetic and writers who are knowledgeable about your content are critical to imbuing your message into your cards. Then after proof-reading and print production, you are ready to make decisions about distribution. There are many distribution options from doing your own storing & shipping, to using a fulfillment center to handle all those logistics for you. Obviously there are pros and cons to each method, therefore she suggests to weigh the options carefully to choose what works for you.

The Best Way to Get Your Deck Printed

Print-on-demand and print-in-bulk are the two most common methods to get your deck produced. On demand means the decks will get printed as orders are received. According to Anna, this is a good option for prototyping or if you are just getting started and don’t have a big following yet. She feels bulk printing as the best option. There is a 500 deck minimum print order but it usually incurs better pricing per deck and more consistent quality.

Spiritual & Intuitive Benefits of Publishing an Oracle Deck for Entrepreneurs

Oracle decks are a beautiful way to share your work with the world and create an introduction to your business. Combining them with other offers can also support your business. For instance, using them in free online readings can bring in more clients for paid readings as well sales of the deck itself. Sometimes physical products are easier to sell. the customer can see, touch, experience that product to make the decision to purchase. If they have a great experience with the product it can create a trust with you that perhaps leads to sales of your more intangible offerings (readings, courses, coaching, etc.)

Check out the links below if you’d like to work more with Anna to bring your oracle dreams into reality. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.




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Oracle decks are a beautiful way to share your work with the world and create an introduction to your business. – Anna Frolik

You have an important message to share. Don’t doubt yourself. – Anna Frolik

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