Ep 60: How To Create A Business You Love with Amy Porterfield

Feb 15, 2023Podcast

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How To Create A Business You Love

I am super excited to have one of my business mentors on the podcast in this episode – Amy Porterfield. Amy is an ex-corporate girl turned online marketing expert and CEO of a multi-million dollar business. She helped me turn my teaching and workshops into an online course. Her program was the first investment I ever made in starting my business. She helped me turn my purpose into a 6 figure fully online business. She has just released a new book, “2 Weeks Notice”, talking about this specifically… leaving your 9 to 5 and turning your purpose into your own business.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Cut the 9 to 5?

Amy shared how she was actually a happy corporate employee. She enjoyed the security of steady paychecks, benefits, and paid vacations. She had a good relationship with her boss and liked the partnership of working “with” someone and not doing it alone. Although she wasn’t actively looking for a change she found herself intrigued during one particular business meeting on the topic of online businesses. She was listening to these business owners share what their business looked like and all she heard was “FREEDOM”. They had creative freedom, worked where they wanted, when they wanted and how they wanted. From there she took a year to create a roadmap of how she was going to get there., because her “why” was so clear she was able to overcome the fear of such a huge change.

Amy’s Advice For The Inevitable Fear of Scarcity

When you go out on your own, the fear of whether you will be able to make enough money is inevitable and totally normal. This is the point where you have get totally honest with yourself. You have to get clear on your finances and create a roadmap of “how” you are going to get to “where” you want to be. Accepting that the first years will probably be lean, but having a plan on how to handle those challenges will alleviate some of the associated fear.

The Missing Piece In Intention Setting

Amy discusses that no matter how clear your intentions are they are no good if you don’t declare it. If leaving corporate and starting her own business was her intention, she decided to put a due date to it. She gave herself 6 months and wrote down that date on a sticky note and put it on a mirror where she would see it every day. Then each day she asked herself what was one thing she could do that day to get closer to that goal. Listen as she gives some amazing advice on who you should declare it to, as well.

Tips For Turning That Idea Into A Business

Once you have the idea the best business plan is action. Action brings clarity. Ironically, Amy shares the 3 things you DON’T need to start a business: a full-blown business plan, a fancy website, or business cards. Your time is best spent on the things that move you forward like content and what is going to actually bring your community of clients to you.

Why Authenticity Is Critical To Your Business

When you are truly yourself and share from the heart that is when your people will be attracted to you. Amy shares how in the beginning her followers shared they would like to see her more behind the scenes and not so “buttoned up”. But for Amy, that was not who she was authentically. If she was talking about or doing business she liked to be polished and ready for anything. So she had to get to the point where she was able to do what felt right for her regardless of the feedback. It may not feel good to get those negative comments but you have to accept you are not for everyone, but you will be for the right ones.

Amy’s final advice is to trust your gut above all else. Listen to your intuition and if you feel there is more out there for you you have to go get it. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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You can’t be for everyone. Not everyone deserves to hear your dream if they can’t hold space for it. – Amy Porterfield

Your life is short. You absolutely deserve greatness, but you have to go get it.- Amy Porterfield

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