Ep 74: How To Combine Spirituality With Your Brand In 2023 With Tiffany Neuman

Apr 26, 2023Podcast

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How To Combine Spirituality With Your Brand

In this episode we are talking with brand expert Tiffany Neuman about how you can create a legacy brand of your own. She is a visionary branding strategist who helps mission driven entrepreneurs and influencers uplevel their businesses. Tiffany is very intune with the energetic and spiritual side of marketing and brand creation, bringing that to her clients as well.

What is a Legacy Brand? (1:45)

Branding goes so much deeper than logos and colors. Your vision, values, voice, etc are the energetics and how you embody your business out in the world. Building a legacy brand is about getting clear on these things not only for now, but for where you want your business to go in the future so you can set a strategy that will grow with you and help get you to your goal.

Is Developing a Brand a Spiritual Process? (4:40)

In small or solo businesses you are your brand. As humans our habit and conditioning is to show up the way we think we should be rather than how we truly are. To become the most embodied version of your brand you must do the inner work to get very clear on who you are authentically at your core. And that is definitely a spiritual journey of sorts.

The Power of Conscious Messaging (7:56)

Tiffany & Whitney discuss the alignment of your messaging to your most authentic and vulnerable self. When that messaging reflects your unique energy, the people who need what you have to offer will instantly understand what it is that you do and be almost magnetically drawn to work with you.

The 3 Biggest Branding Mistakes & the #1 Fix (16:10)

Tiffany shares the 3 biggest mistakes she sees entrepreneurs making with their brand. You may be surprised to know that none of them have to do with the actual marketing. Listen as she describes the impact of each on your business and how going back to the basics of the foundation of your story is the best way to fix them.

Check out the links below for ways to work with Tiffany if you’re ready to design your Legacy Brand. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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Getting back to your essence is discovering who you truly are. – Tiffany Neuman

The main core of your brand will not change over time, that’s the idea behind a legacy brand – Tiffany Neuman

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