Ep 115: How To Choose The Right Crystal To Enhance Your Intuition

Dec 6, 2023Podcast

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How To Choose The Right Crystal To Enhance Your Intuition

When you first become interested in intuition it tends to open the door to other areas and modalities. One area I see my students get really excited about… Crystals! Not only are crystals pretty to look at, they each have their own unique energy. Let’s talk about all things crystal, including how to pick the one that most wants to work with you.

The Energy of Crystals (2:29)

Most Crystals are rocks and stones formed by processes deep in the earth, however they can be lab created. Crystals are unique stones that can contain a large amount of energy for their size. Each different crystal will have its own unique energy signature or vibration. This is why some crystals more closely align with certain chakras or certain uses. This is why they can be so useful in healing.

Choosing a Crystal for Your Intuitive Language (4:11)

The vibration of certain crystals will be better aligned with certain intuitive languages. The Seer may need a different crystal than an Owl. An Empath may need different crystals than the Channeler. Therefore, it depends on your uniqueness and which way you are receiving intuitive messages. Listen to find out the types of crystals that will enhance your energy in each language.

Common Crystals Used to Enhance Your Intuition (5:01)

Whitney gives you a chakra by chakra guide to stones that enhance their energy. She even goes into some pairings that are the typical matches for some intuitive senses. In the end it all comes down to you. If you feel guided to use a certain crystal on a certain area, follow that. Its more than likely exactly what you need.

How To Choose a Crystal (19:15)

Choosing crystals in an energetic process. The right crystal will be the one that you are drawn to or that pops into your mind when you ask. You will energetically feel aligned with the crystal when you interact with it.

Ways To Work With Crystals (12:07)

In this episode Whitney will give you practical physical applications that you can use with your crystal collection to help enhance your intuitive abilities. Some of them may be a little unorthodox but do what works for you.

I hope you have fun growing your crystal collection and enjoying the healing energy they provide. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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One of the areas I see a lot of people get really excited about.. CRYSTALS – Whitney McNeill

Use crystals that work for you in your energy and where your vibration is at that moment. – Whitney McNeill

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