Ep 114: How To Choose The Best Gifts For Your Loved One By Intuitive Type

Nov 29, 2023Podcast

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How To Choose The Best Gift For Your Loved One By Intuitive Type

Here we are again. The holidays are upon us and you may be starting to think about gifts for your friends and loved ones (whether you like it or not). So I wanted to do a quick review of options for gifts by intuitive type. The way people receive intuition is the same way they best receive energy and information. If you truly want your loved one to feel the energy with which you chose their gift, this guide is just for you.

Gifts for the Seer (3:15)

A Seer is someone who gets intuitive messages through vision. They either see their messages with their physical eye or in their mind’s eye. The best gifts for seers are the ones that engage their vision or imagination.

Gifts for the Owl (9:00)

The Owl processes messages through their auditory channels. They are the type that may have to talk something through to make a decision or will just know the right answer when they hear it. Owls are going to prefer gifts that engage with their hearing. Even if the gift is simply a deep hearted conversation with you.

Gifts for the Empath (12:34)

Empaths feel information. Anything that is sentimental or creates a connection will be wonderful for the empath. With them, the thought really does count. Have you heard them mention something they might want or need? If that becomes your gift the story and sentiment of you remembering will mean as much to the Empath as the gift itself.

Gifts for the Channeler (16:05)

Channelers experience information by knowing in their body. Since the Channeler is so connected to the body, experiential gifts are perfect for them. For the Channeler it’s best to gift them something to do whether it’s an experience or a tangible gift they interact with. The Channeler needs to be in motion to receive.

And for the Other Languages (20:32)

If your loved one has either of the secondary languages of tasting (clairgustance) or smelling (clairalience) messages, you’ll want to choose gifts that appeal to those senses. Candles, essential oils, or specific special foods you know they love are all great options.

If you don’t know the intuitive language of the loved one, have them take my Quiz to find out so you can choose a gift this year that is the perfect fit. You can get my entire list of gifts for each language at the link below. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious this holiday season.



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The Owl and Seer need a sensory experience. Give a gift that appeals to the sense of sight and sound. – Whitney McNeill

The Empath and Channeler want physical experience. Make sure their gifts evoke emotional or physical response. – Whitney McNeill

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