Ep 134: How To Channel Spirit Messages When You Have ADHD With Chandra Arrington

Apr 17, 2024Podcast

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How To Channel Spirit Messages When You Have ADHD

Today we are talking about a topic that is getting much more attention lately. With the idea of mental health gaining importance a lot of people are realizing the uniqueness in the way they think and navigate the world. Neurodivergence, ADHD specifically, would obviously have an affect on how you receive intuitive messages. We have Chandra Arrington with us for this episode. She is a previous student who has had to navigate this very challenge.
This episode is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical conditions. We are not licensed healthcare professionals. This is a story about one woman’s journey with neurodivergence and intuition. Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

Why It Can Be More Challenging for Channelers to Connect (2:30)

It’s more challenging for channelers in general to connect because there is no tangible result of the message. You didn’t see or hear anything, didn’t get an emotional response from seemingly nowhere. There is just an inate knowing. Since we are born intuitive, most channelers have been doing this their entire lives and don’t realize its intuition. Neurodivergence can make connecting to that knowing or “gut feeling” more difficult because of the hyperactivity in their mind. It makes it more difficult for them to be present in their bodies to experience that feeling.

ADHD Symptoms That May Affect How You Receive Messages (5:30)

By the very definition of neurodivergent it stands to reason that cognition is going to be different for the “neuro-person”. When the hyperactivity of ADHD shows up as inner chatter of the mind that can’t be turned off, it makes for very little room for clear intuitive messages to come in. Chandra also shares how some other ADHD characteristics affect intuition.

Best Tips To Get Clear Intuitive Messages If You Have ADHD or are Neurodivergent (8:07)

The biggest tip for the Channeler is to trust. Trust your guides are they and that they are guiding you even if you don’t sense or receive anything in the moment. Channelers are often more physical and get messages when in motion. Listen as Chandra shares how it felt when she realized she actually was getting intuitive messages and how they were coming in.

How To Deal With Feeling Like You Don’t Get Intuitive Messages (24:08)

Just as Whitney teaches, consistency is a key aspect of successfully connecting with your Guides. Even though you may not get the message immediately you can work with your Guides to make sure it happens in other ways. Your messages start to come in other ways. Something a stranger says at the grocery store, an article comes across your path that is about the very topic you were asking your Guides about. Be consistent with connecting and trust they will provide you the answer some-way, some-how when the answer is needed.

Regardless of how you receive your intuitive messages, we know your Guides are always conspiring in your favor. So here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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Channeled messages can look more like epiphanies out of nowhere or a thought that just occurs. – Chandra Arrington

Learning the intuitive language of the channeler is a major exercise in trust. – Chandra Arrington

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