Ep 80: How To Become An Energy Healer with Emily Aarons

Jun 7, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How To Become An Energy Healer

I’ve brought my friend and Intuitive Healer, Emily Aarons back onto the podcast (for the third time!) to talk about how to become an abundant energy healer and to build a profitable energy healing business.

Becoming an Energy Healer (2:00)

Emily and Whitney talk about the various ways to become a healer and why some discredit the energy healing business, and which ways are the most credible.

Can Everyone Do This? (10:35)

Whitney and Emily share their answer on if there are specific people that “should” pursue this form of healing work.

Why there is Resistance to Becoming an Energy Healer & the Blocks to Remove (10:50)

People who are energy sensitive may still have resistance to become an energy healer. Emily talks about the most common blocks to stepping into healing and building a profitable spiritual business

The Myth that Energy Healers Can’t be Wealthy or Build A Business (18:18)

Emily talks about why there is a belief about how spiritual energy healers can’t be wealthy and how to break through those blocks.

How to Build a Profitable Energy Healing Business (26:38)

“Breaking Up With Broke” Workshop – If you’re wanting to become an energy healer and build a profitable business join this workshop! https://messengerofspirit.com/emily

Tips to Stop Hiding From Your Clients! (30:17)

Emily shares social media tips to help connect with your soulmate clients.

I hope Emily’s words have fired you up so you can stay Spiritual & Ambitious.



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