Ep 64: How To Astral Travel With Your Spirit Guides

Mar 8, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How To Astral Travel With Your Spirit Guides

In this episode we are talking about astral travel. This is a very popular topic among people actively working to tap into and increase their intuition, so we’ll dive into all your questions about astral travel and more.

What Is Astral Travel & Why Do We Do It?  (0:37)

Astral travel is when your spirit leaves your body to visit the astral plane. This is possible because we are all spirit, we just happen to currently be inhabiting a body and having a physical experience on Earth. Energetically we are still connected to that side.

Does Everyone Astral Travel? (7:14)

Yes. Everyone astral travels. There are 4 distinct types of astral travel. Listen to learn what they are and if you can control the type you take.

Is It Safe & How Do I Do It? (10:58)

It is safe when you go with your Spirit Guides. You can talk to your Guides and let them know your preferences and what is comfortable for you. Listen to find out which Guides often are with you on your astral travels.

How Do I Know I’ve Been On A Travel? (12:22)

Sometimes you remember the travel and sometimes you don’t. But I’ll share a few tell tale signs that you have possibly experienced a travel. The good thins is that what you learn and the people you meet during your experience will be stored in your subconscious and will come up when they are needed.

I hope you enjoy your travels with your Guides and have amazing adventures. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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You’re a spirit in a body. You live on the physical plane and the astral plane at the same time – Whitney McNeill

The reasons we astral travel are to learn lessons, gain experience, and meet other people. – Whitney McNeill

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