Ep 51: How To Align Your Energy with Intuitive Healer Emily Aarons

Dec 14, 2022Podcast

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How To Align Your Energy with Intuitive Healer Emily Aarons

Have you ever felt stuck and like you just can’t move forward? Our guest on this episode, Emily Aarons, is going to give us some strategies for determining where that misalignment is coming from. She’ll give us a step by step process and keys to shift your energy into soul alignment. Emily is a sought-after Intuitive Energy Healer for female CEO’s, helping them get out of overwhelm and creating alignment for quantum growth.

What Is Going On With the Energy Right Now

Emily explains how she’s been feeling and noticing with her clients is that there is a collective heaviness right now. She feels that as more and more of us are called to do our soul work we set our intention to lighten the vibration, however there may be forces on the planet that are trying to keep the consciousness low. This can cause that feeling of “one step forward two steps back” in our business and life in general.

Emily’s Take on Entities: What Are They?

Emily doesn’t characterize an “entity” as either good or bad, but more as an energy that is not particularly helpful. It is just an unwelcome or unwanted energy in your field. For us to maintain a high vibration we need to identify it and release it if it is not of benefit and for our highest good. Emily discusses some methods to do that to keep your field clear and open to your alignment and next level.

Emily’s Origin Story

Listen as Emily shares how she knew she would be a healer of some sort and help people from a very early age and that she was destined to own her own business. She talks about how those realizations led her to open up her intuition. Once she connected consciously to her Guides she found the guidance for her business.

Tips to Clear Energy and Get Back Into Alignment

First you need to identify what alignment is to you. Alignment is ease, joy, bliss, expansion, and light. And the opposite is true when we are not. Tightness, constriction, overwhelm, anxiety are all symptoms of not being aligned with your soul. Think of going with the flow versus swimming against the current. Listen as Emily and Whitney discuss how following Spirit and getting into their highest alignment has looked for them in the past.

A Common Block to Energy Alignment

Perfectionism is a huge block to moving forward. You have to take inspired action even if all the parts in pieces aren’t perfectly in place yet. This can lead to excuses as to why we aren’t attaining our goals. But in the end, we have to do the work, even if it’s messy at first, to reach the end result we’ve set for ourselves, whether in life or in business.

If you’d like to feel the power of the aligned state that Emily talks about, you can download here Abundance Power Duo Mediations below. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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Alignment is ease, joy, bliss, expansion, and light. – Emily Aarons

When we know what a “YES” is, it can be a full body explosion of a “YES” . If it’s not that…well it’s a NO! – Emily Aarons

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