How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Energy

Nov 7, 2019Conversations with Spirit

What in the heck is Mercury Retrograde?! Spoiler Alert: I’m not an expert in astrology. However, I AM an expert in energy.

If you are energy sensitive, then you likely know that you can sense the energy of Spirit and other people’s emotions. You might even be able to walk into a room and sense the energy of what transpired before you walked in!

However, you may be unaware that you can sense the energy from the collective and Universe. When Mercury goes retrograde, there is an energetic ripple throughout the collective.

It doesn’t mean that we give our power over to the planets or that our lives are 100% controlled by this.

What is DOES mean is that we can harness the knowledge from what this energy is showing us. Knowledge is power and we can use that to our advantage. 

When a situations comes up that we may not like at first, we can say, “Oh. What is this teaching me?” There is always a lesson.

This time is great to reinforce your boundaries, reorganize your priorities, and tie up loose ends.

Check out the video to leverage the energy already present in your field. It’s already here, so it’s good to make the most of it while you can 🙂

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