Ep 46: How Human Design and Gene Keys Can Strengthen Intuition with Bree Kuryk

Nov 9, 2022Podcast

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How Human Design and Gene Keys Can Strengthen Intuition

What is Human Design and Gene Keys? In this episode we welcome Bree Kuryk certified Human Design and Gene Keys coach. She’ll discuss how these topics can strengthen the role of intuition in your life and business. She has spent the last 15 yrs studying business strategies and the deeper reasons behind those tactics to help you find the most aligned way for you to build and grow your business.

What Is Human Design & Gene Keys

Bree explains that each of us are born with a unique energetic blueprint. Human Design is a blending of many ancient wisdoms married with modern sciences to explain how your energy is designed to best operate in this world. This explanation allows you to know yourself on a new level and develop a trust that can ultimately strengthen your own intuitive connections. There is a lot of connection and overlap between the two modalities but simply stated HD is your human operating manual whereas GK is akin to a map of the soul’s journey.

The Qualities of the 5 Human Design Types

Initially in Human Design there are 5 different design types that all humans fall into. First is the Generator who is the builder of the collective (like Oprah). They are able to create reality from an idea. The Manifestor is the visionary of the collective (like Adele). They inspire the Generators and Manifesting Generators. The Manifesting Generator is a combination of these two (like Tony Robbins). They are the innovators of the collective. They see the future as well as how to get there. Next there is the Projector (like Barack Obama). They are the guide and integrator of the collective. Think of them as the manager that oversees the team that brings the Manifestors & Generators vision to life. And lastly is the Reflector (like Sandra Bullock). Only 1-2% of people are reflectors. They are truly the oracles of the collective. They uplift and improve the community to which they belong.

Human Design & Gene Keys in Your Business

Human Design & Gene Keys give you cues and insight into areas where you can test and innovate to find ways of doing certain things in your business that are more aligned with your personal energetic makeup. It gives you the map to interpret what your intuition is telling you so that you can take inspired and aligned action on it.

What Does It Mean to Have an Intuition Led Business

Bree feels it’s more important than ever for us to rely on our intuition. There is more noise, media, and opinions available to us than ever so it becomes imperative that we go within to determine what course of action is ultimately right for us. She also shares that for a long time she kept the Spiritual and Ambitious parts of herself completely separate. It wasn’t until she was able to allow these parts to intersect that she was able to allow the vision of what she was trying to build be a little more outside her control and trusting, through her intuition, that the twists and turns your business can take are all for your highest and best in the end.

Check out your own chart at the link below then join Bree for her free workshop in aligning your business with the information your chart can provide. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.




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Your intuition is your greatest asset and tool. Human Design & Gene Keys help you strengthen your intuition – Bree Kuryk

Human Design & Gene Keys is the map to interpret what your intuition is telling you. – Bree Kuryk

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