Ep 34: How Healing Attracts Soul Clients

Aug 17, 2022Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How Healing Attracts Soul Clients

With Master Intuitive Business Coach Allyson Scammell

In this episode we welcome Allyson Scammell, master intuitive, business coach, energy healer and psychic medium. Her mission is to help soul guided leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs to upgrade their energy frequency to gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. She and I discuss how healing ourselves is key to attracting a clientele aligned to our soul purpose.

The Definition of a Soul Client

A Soul Client is the person you were literally born to serve. You’ve agreed that at a certain point in your journey that you would meet and have an energetic exchange. Soul Clients come in many variations but specific to business they arrive to invest in you and your offering in exchange for your gifts. These are individuals that are in perfect vibrational alignment with you and your business at that moment and it is your destiny to serve that person.

How to Attract a Soul Client

Soul Clients are like a puzzle piece whose needs, pains, or wants fit specifically with your gifts and offerings. The more you are aligned with your unique gifts you become a magnet to those most aligned with it. When you have the confidence to own your gifts you put out a frequency that fully resonates with them and draws them in to you, on a soul level. However, there is usually healing that needs to be done to get into that feeling and that knowing of our worth to own our own talents at that high frequency.

The Magnetism of Healing

Healing implies a wound or suffering to some degree. Healing is the journey to close that wound or alleviate that suffering. It happens over time and is not an immediate fix. A common wound of the entrepreneur is self-worth. “I’m not good enough…?” Healing comes with noticing these thoughts without judgment, feel the emotions it brings up and release that energy. This releasing raises your frequency and is the perfect time to connect. Connect with your ideal client as well as your Spirit Guide team. The more aligned you become, the stronger that energetic signal is and the easier you become for your ideal client to find.

How Does Being Spiritual & Ambitious Show Up

Allyson underscored what we discuss a lot on this podcast; the fact that it is a predominant belief that it is not spiritual to be ambitious. Lightworkers who chose this time and place to incarnate will not have a small mission, and will need that driving force called ambition. The world is going through unprecedented changes and a new age is dawning. Those who feel that calling to serve and make a big impact on the world will have a fire inside them pushing them onward to do even bigger things and do their part in creating that ripple effect that will inevitably bring around meaningful change.

Check out Allyson’s free mediation below. If you’d like to learn more about her offerings, links to her Facebook group and website are below as well. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Healing is the journey not the destination. And it takes courage to heal. – Allyson Scammell

If you have come onto this earth at this point, you do not have a small mission – Allyson Scammell

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