How Do I Know Who My Spirit Guides Are?

Sep 7, 2021Conversations with Spirit

How Do I Know Who My Spirit Guides Are?

Does everyone have Spirit Guides? Yes- it’s just a matter of if you are talking to them or ignoring them. While some are more communicative than others, they want to communicate with us.

But are we communicating with them?

It’s important to have a good relationship with your Spirit Guides so they can create aligned opportunities for you in life in business. Think: aligned relationships, clients, more abundance, and life purpose fulfilling opportunities.
So let’s explore who your Guides are and the techniques you can use to communicate with them.

Who Your Spirit Guides ARE and Who They AREN’T

99% of the time they are not your loved ones. They are not angels. So who are they, you ask?

They are spirits who’ve lived on earth at some point (most of the time) and are similar to you and your vibration and help guide, teach and protect you.

TECHNIQUES To Learn Who Your Spirit Guides Are and Create A Relationship With Them

I’ve personally used these techniques to align to my next level in life purpose, abundance, and business. From finding my twin flame and moving to the place of my dreams – Sedona, Arizona. To manifesting a house that logically we didn’t think could happen – to growing by business to multiple 6 figures.
And my students have used these as well for success in life and business. One of my students just got a 45% pay increase by applying these skills.

LEARN Your Personal Intuitive Type

To clearly communicate with your guides you should learn how you personally receive your intuitive messages and do exercises to hone that skill. Messages can come in via 4 different languages. The Seer. The Owl. The Empath. And the Channeler. If you’re not sure of your intuitive type, I invite you to take our quiz at messengerofspirit.com/quiz to find out.

CLEAR Anything Blocking the Messages Your Guides Send

We will want to clear any energy blocks that prevent you from clearly receiving your intuitive messages- yes sometimes we are afraid of getting them or what the answer will be and therefore we inadvertently stop them from coming in. Some people can also be afraid of experiencing Spirit. However, learning your personal intuitive type so you can understand exactly how Spirit will communicate with you can help to greatly reduce that fear.

DEVELOP A Relationship With Your Guides

Talk to your Spirit Guides like you would a friend. Doing your part in talking to your Guides is important. We assume they “just know” our thoughts and feelings because they are in spirit but, in fact, we have to actually tell them. Just think about how chaotic your thoughts and feelings can be when you think about a big life change. You oscillate between fear, excitement, anticipation and back again. If you’re like me, it’s hard enough for me to try to decipher it all. Much less expecting your Guides to read your mind. You get much better guidance when you clearly communicate your thoughts and let them know the why behind your feelings.


Have regular meetings with your Spirit Guides. The more consistent you are in your communication with them and flex your intuitive muscles, the more communication will be returned. And, over time, the more clear it will become.

Get to KNOW Your Guides PERSONALLY

Ask for them to share their name, who they are and leave space for them to answer. This should go without saying, but sometimes we just don’t think of Spirit as a person without a body. But any time you meet someone new and want to strike up a friendship or any other type of relationship with that person you first must get to know more about them. Your Guides will respond to that same courtesy.


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Until then, if you’d like to learn more about your Intuitive Type….


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