How Do I Know The Difference Between My Higher Self And My Spirit Guides?

Apr 20, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Have you ever wondered what the difference is with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides?

They are both helpful, so why does it matter?

Because your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides have different roles in your life.

Higher Self:

Your Higher Self is an extension of YOU. You aren’t separate from this version of you, but we usually have to do some work to connect with it because we are living a human life.

The Higher Self helps you see the entire perspective of your soul’s journey. Imagine your Higher Self standing atop the mountain of your life and can see your past lives and current life.

Your Higher Self knows and can help you connect to your life purpose.

Spirit Guides:

Your Spirit Guides are an active team of helpful energies that work to create opportunities for you in this human life. They keep you accountable in learning the lessons you need and guide you to step into your life purpose.

The primary purpose of your Spirit Guides is to teach, guide, and protect you in this lifetime (unless you acquire new Guides for Intuitive development and mediumship.)

Inside this video, I’ll be teaching you a quick exercise to check in with your Higher Self, and tips to connect with your Guides.

Learn more about the Higher Self and your Spirit Guide team inside the video!

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